Monday, June 24, 2013

Why You Don't Want Your Kids Educated By Prof. William Cunningham

"To get around this inequity, our forefathers set up a progressive tax system where high-income taxpayers pay a higher percentage of their wages in taxes."

and other bold faced lies by this academian who could never get a job in the real world.


Laughingdog said...

How is that a bold-faced lie?

[fawr-fah-ther, fohr-]
an ancestor.

The income tax started in 1862. "forefathers" is not the same thing as "our founding fathers", though the latter is a subset of the former.

The dude is a liberal twat, and I especially hate that he both taught in this area, and more so that a liberal twat like him taught naval officers. But his use of 'forefather's isn't incorrect.

Anonymous said...

"Fair" would be for every person to pay the exact same dollar amount. Any other taxation scheme reduces to "they have more and we want it."

Anonymous said...

How about dealing with the inequalities in level of responsibility of the people?
Maybe bring in a tax where everyone has to contribute?
Nah, much better to encourage sloth and irresponsible behaviour..

heresolong said...

Laughing dog: Then technically our forefathers cut marginal tax rates in the 1980s. Although not untrue, the only reason to use the word "forefathers" is to imply to the uneducated that our country was founded on this principal.

I especially like this quote:

"Most economists no longer believe in this theory trickle down economics."

At a time when Keynsian economics seems to be in huge disfavor amongst economists, here's one trying desperately to revive it by just making blatantly false statements in an effort to confuse people. I've heard numerous folks claim that our recent economic problems is "proof" that the Austrian School (free marketers) has been debunked because the free market clearly failed. It's just a part of the ongoing effort to ensure that big government programs get enshrined in the collective consciousness as necessary and proper.

Anonymous said...

The progressive tax is based on the presumption of diminishing marginal utility of income. if you believe that the rich are hurt less than the poor by a higher tax rate, you are not permitted to claim that a tax cut benefits the rich more. the two beliefs are not consistent, proving yet again that if liberals were forced to think, their heads would explode in cognitive dissonance.