Monday, June 03, 2013

A Voice for Men

As everything gets to the forefront, then everything gets put on the back burner, getting A Voice for Men in the Capposphere being one of them.  So now I finally have the time.

Was fortunate enough to have Paul Elam and Stardusk take my call when they were talking about MGTOW.

A Voice for Men is now also included in The Manosphere Directory.


Anonymous said...

I love Paul and the tireless work he has been doing at AVfM, but man oh man, he surrounded himself with some obtuse leftist fools (or worse: feminist shills).

Many suspect Christina Hansen (aka Woobly Bumblebee) is a feminist infiltrator. It seems so obvious to many in the MRM community, except to Paul :-(

Paul Durow said...


Anonymous said...

Paul Elam made a big mistake when he picked a fight with the PUAosphere portion of the manosphere. I'm almost tempted to call AVFM the Whineosphere.

The PUAosphere portion of the manosphere will always be superior because of the emphasis on self-improvement and adaptation.

Captain Capitalism said...

Paul never picked on me, and thus by my code I have no gripe with him. Now is the least of times to be slinging arrows.

Carnivore said...


Penrose said...

Honestly, I find exposing myself to every feminist story or misandry in the news too much. I avoid a lot of the sites because of that. All that hate does not make my days very happy.