Friday, June 07, 2013

Daddy, Where Do Lawyers Come From?

AKA "Finally, now we know why lawyers are mostly scum."

The single largest concentration of worthless degrees is the liberal arts. And the single largest destination for liberal arts majors who can’t find jobs is law school.

Law degrees are much like MBA’s, just even more depraved of morality and integrity. It is not a coincidence that those too lazy to pursue a real degree end up in law school. Just look at the undergrad degrees most lawyers have and you’ll see very few Engineering majors or accountants, but you’ll see a ton of Sociology majors and hyphenated-American studies majors. But this disproportionate representation of liberal arts degrees also goes a long way in explaining why lawyers have the bad (and well-deserved) reputation they do.

Starting in elementary school, children are told how great and wonderful they are. You could even say they're brainwashed to think too highly of themselves and certainly are brainwashed today to have an entitlement mentality. These kids continue on through high school and when it comes time to pick a major they never consider the real-world ramifications of picking a worthless degree because the entire time they've been told how wonderful they are and how successful they'll be. Sure enough, a disproportionately high number of them choose the liberal arts. Because it's nearly impossible to get anything below a 3.5 GPA in the liberal arts, their egos and entitlement mentalities are only reinforced. It isn't until they graduate and can't find a job is their fragile little world shattered. However, undaunted, they continue on to law school, work very hard for two years, and after incurring another $75,000 in debt, they still can't find a job (or at least a decent paying one).

By this time, you have a person who has been told they deserve the world for the past 20 years. The world, however, is not complying. But this person has a law degree and huge student debts, not to mention in their
minds they think they worked really hard for the past six years. What do you think this person is going to do?

Of course this person is going to do whatever they can to make money whether it's moral or not. Frivolous lawsuits. Chasing ambulances. Concocted class-action lawsuits. They're entitled to it! However, more commonly today, you see lawyers join political crusades. The primary purpose of which is to extract money from either political donors, charities or the taxpayers under some kind of “social justice” theme. A lot will follow the rule, “those who can't do teach” and return to Academia where they will become bitter, angry professors. And a lot of them, if their parents have the money, will simply enter politics (go and see if your representatives in government have law degrees and hail from well-to-do families).

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Anonymous said...

Gotta correct you here, Cap. Law school is three years, not two, unless you go to some bottom-feeding diploma mill that does two-year degrees to try and attract working people with the promise of less forfeited income. Also, many grads are in more debt than $75,000.

I used to date a girl that went to law school, but she dumped me because I wasn't high-enough class for her since she was going to a lawyer. She was apparently a rockstar at her school but couldn't get into BigLaw and her exit position is almost certainly going to be working for the state government for like $50-$60k a year. If she doesn't like it, tough, because that's the only stable employment these days. Mere Big Four accountants like me make more money and can pretty much throw up our hands and say "f*ck this sh*t" whenever we want and have really no difficulty finding other work.

Truly the best revenge is living well.

Unknown said...

On an aggregate level, lawyers are the second worst kind of people working in America today. Trying to ruin lives for their own personal gain, revenge and failure. It's ironic how a lot of the education scam report kind of blogs are written by people who went into law and felt disillusioned with the process. Third Tier Reality is a big one.

Anonymous said...

I saw pre-law students in my college years. They were truly terrible at anything worth anything to society. Even with philosophy degrees (literally meaning love of thought in Greek,) they couldn't critically think their way out of a paper bag. No sense of wanting to help society, just going where they thought the money was. I honestly couldn't figure out how they even survived college. For the most part, and from what I saw in their review books, most hard science majors with a good grip on English can smoke the LSAT, the test to get into law school.

To date, I personally know TWO lawyers that were hard science majors. One was a chemistry degree, who got better grades than I had in high school (I am now a physician,) and went into law. He now works patents for a major chemical company. The other, his younger brother, was pre-med, limited himself to applying to one school (stupidity on his part, you have to apply to as many as you can to stand a chance,) didn't get in, then went into law. He is now a rather successful lawyer. But those are the only two I know.

I look at the glut of lawyers in today's news, with their employment issues and debt, and I just have to laugh. These applicants with these worthless degrees have no clue how piss-poor a choice they made. To get any gainful, permanent employment as a lawyer these days, you have to be able to get into one of the top 12 law schools and be the best. Even then, from what I read, it's dicey.

What gets me is that these people are who are writing the laws (a lot of politicians start as lawyers.) How much you want to bet they are going to bail out these worthless degrees when the education bubble hits? It will be the ultimate screw the public job; liberal art majors saving liberal art majors, making us pay in the process.

Nothing is given to you on a platter in this world, aside from pain and suffering. Anything good in this world, you have to fight for and earn.

My friends got in when it was still good, and are getting close to where they can retire. Both are married and have kids, so they may not quite yet. I busted butt to get where I am. I still have to work like a dog to be good. I love what I do, even with the hard work, and get great satisfaction out of it. I'm single, no attachments, and have *MUCH* lower debt than my colleagues due to having a past life before school. And, unlike my friends, I can travel outside the country with my credentials if SHTF.

To all those who didn't want to work hard to get where you want, I would say tough. Apply yourselves to become something that is worth more to society than pushing papers and making a nuisance of yourself with bullshit laws and frivolous lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

I just want to point out that a lawyer with an undergrad in a science field is qualified to right the patent bar exam, which less than 2% of lawyers are even qualified to do. And even less pass.

The starting avg salary for a lawyer is less than that of a teacher, about 30k. the starting salary for a patent lawyer is 200k.

Insert patent troll jokes here.

Anonymous said...

"But this person has a law degree and huge student debts, not to mention in their
minds they think they worked really hard for the past six years."

Hah! The world needs English majors too.


Anonymous said...

I am a patent attorney and I am in the biotech field. If you have a degree in petroleum engineering,computer engineering,bio medical engineering or a PhD in the major life sciences there is bundles of money to be made and only 5-8 years before you are able to go out on your own. I only had a minor in Biology so I have been forced to attend a MD/PhD program just to be taken seriously. It is bad out there for attorneys,and everyone hates us until they need us.The real problem is there are to many attorneys.

Eric S. Mueller said...

While reading the part about how children today are told how great they are, I thought of the contrast to the various military boot camps, where you're usually told how worthless you are. For most of us, it pushed us to succeed.

Anonymous said...

"Daddy, Where Do Lawyers Come From?"

From sodomy, little Tom, from sodomy.