Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Paul Elam and Bill Burr Walk Into a Bar

A good post from Mr. Elam.


Unknown said...

Louis C.K. and Bill Burr are two of my favorite stand up comedians right now. I was watching C.K.'s latest standup special for HBO yesterday and he made a very accurate, funny joke about divorce and how his life has been so much happier since.

He can have enough time to be a father without having to spend so much of his life with his children! That was the gist of one the jokes.

I am completely going to enjoy the decline now and forget anything about college for at least a few years if I can. Welding program, here I come! Thanks, Cap.

Kindjal said...

Gosh. Elams criticism was on target. What this means is that the mindless meatheads and the slimy bitches are just right for each other.

Now I'm having a fantasy about rounding up all examples of both kinds and chaining them up together in a canyon so the rest of us can mind our own business for the first time ever, in human history.

Bill Burrs statements were the harmless result of free association, so I give him a pass.

Good linking, Cap.

Anonymous said...

What bothered me about that song, from the first time I heard it, was that it was a revenge fantasy for women. Listen to the lyrics, and you'll see that it wasn't about her finding her man cheating on her - it was about her IMAGINING that he was cheating on her. "He's probably doing this, or he's probably doing that."

I had an ex-girlfriend stalk me for a FULL YEAR after we broke up, after a two year relationship. We broke up because she was always imagining me wanting to be with other women. She was jealous as hell, and if she even THOUGHT I was looking at another woman, she flipped out and made my life hell for at least a couple of days.

That song was EXACTLY her. "I bet right now he's buying her some fruity drink because she can't shoot whiskey." Then she f*cks up his car, for what she IMAGINED he was doing.

Both Burr and Elam missed the true spirit of that song.