Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mike Rowe Works

So I was watching Fox New's "Red Eye" and Mike Rowe was on.  Turns out he has a new web site called "Mike Rowe Works" and he is championing a worthy crusade about getting young men and women real jobs that pay.  He was talking about the skills gap, education, and other such things we do regularly here on Cappy Cap, but one problem.

The morons interviewing him kept interrupting him. Matter of fact they were outright rude.  And if you watch the interview you can see it on his face.  He's a pro, however, and just laughs it off as if saying, "Heh, did they really want to interview me?"

Regardless, since June is "Worthless Degree Awareness Month" send Mike Rowe some traffic and check him out (and by that ladies, I mean "check out his site," not "check him out).  Chances are he is a bit more diplomatic and charming than your angry, loud Captain, and would maybe do a better job at convincing young men and woman to choose the right type of education.


king alpha said...

I saw the same thing, i thought he was going to kick their ass but he was cool. Ive looked up to Mike Rowe because from his accomplishments and him and I are born and raised from Baltimore.

patriarchal landmine said...

sounds like pretty typical red eye. by that I mean they have only a couple seconds available to let someone speak before they have to move on.

you might like his interview with jon stewart more...