Wednesday, June 19, 2013

White Privilege Zombies

I was at one of my cigar bars.  The sole female employee in the place was getting her doctorate in philosophy.  She was overweight, pushing fat, but not yet obese.  She also wasn't very pretty, but not hideous which is where I know most of your minds are predisposing to go right now.

So there I was, smoking my cigar, cranking out my book, when she is talking to one of the black patrons complaining about "white privilege."  The man she was talking to was richer than most of us, friendly fellow, but very rich.  He certainly did not have any financial problems, but here was a spoiled little suburbanite brat who never had any intention of working for a living, complaining to a very wealthy man about how oppressed he was and how people like me had privilege.

My natural instinct was to rip her apart, but I did not for it was not my conversation and it would rupture the quiet, calm tone of the lounge.

I waited until she came into my area of the lounge and then told her in a calm voice that she was a worthless person, with a worthless degree and that white privilege was f%cking bullshit and mindless faux intellectuals like her were ruining society with their marxist BS.

She then ran and narced on me to the proprietor.

Naturally I was banned from the cigar lounge.  These middle aged men needed some kind of eye candy, even if it was of lesser quality.  And, of course, this strong, independent woman couldn't take the criticism and did the crying thing and went running to daddy.  So they caved and I had to find a new lounge, which was fine by me because I am not abandoning principle and will shame people when they spew insidious Marxism, cowardly disguising it with terms like "white privilege."

However, a sad and scary thought has occurred to me.  White privilege is now so regularly taught in schools and to minds so inferior they actually swallow it, that when these people graduate and enter the real world, they will be beyond reason.  They will blame everything on "white privilege" and "racism" or "sexism." And since they have no mental capacity for intellectually honesty or reason, they will become liberal zombies, but of a racist and sexist sort(this post is an outstanding one and I strongly suggest you read it).

It is here my theory of "liberal zombies" comes to a dark and dire conclusion. A person who cannot be reasoned with and will not adhere to intellectual honesty can only be dealt in two ways.  You avoid them and just plain don't interact with them or violence.  Ignoring them is one thing, but when they decide create public policy, make laws, or sometimes sue you, it will be hard to avoid them completely.  Also as more and more of these minds are brainwashed in the schools, they will soon become prevalent in society, completely unavoidable.  And violence is sadly what I see happening in some instances, since they are of the belief you are the enemy and the cause of their problems.  They will come after you and there is no talking them down.

Again, I reference "I Am Legend."  There is no difference between the zombies in this movie and the mindless "white privilege automotons" being mass-produced in universities today.  They are mindless and they hate.


Escargot said...

You did the right thing. In the days when people were actually interested in running a business, it was a rule that the staff didn't share political, religious or social views with the customers.

The cigar lounge lost your business and probably the black fellow's business as well. I doubt he wanted to be subjected to the unasked-for gushing, either.

Needless to say, you won't be recommending the place to your cigar-smoking friends.

Martel said...

I respectfully disagree with your assessment of how to handle lefties.

I've probably linked this here before, but I've divided them into categories:

Obviously, a drive-thru window isn't the best place for any of it, but the Anointed must be destroyed, the Entitled staunchly opposed, but the Benighted can be convinced (with mad skills, of course).

I probably could have had that waitress contradicting herself and stumbling over her own words within 20 minutes. However, I understand why you wouldn't want to waste 20 minutes on her.

I would, though. I think that kind of thing is fun. And I'm weird.

Mark said...

You're lucky she didn't punch you in the face. I said something in a bar a female employee didn't like. She punched me in the face and then said "Go ahead and tell the manager. I'll make up something bad about you and the manager will take my side". They know most of us white privileged males won't punch back because we don't believe in hitting women and it emboldens them. I don't know the best way to handle something like that.

TheKangarooBoxer said...

eventually, their mass indoctrination attempts will be their downfall. all we have to do is write about it and let the youngsters stumble across us on the internet.

once in a while, a young man, or boy, or even woman or girl, will question the horse shit that's being spoon fed to them in high school, and they will want something else. this is where they find us.

then they share their findings with the class. its already happening(just ask Karen Straughn about her emails shes gotten from high school students).

this is how the fight is slowly being brought to the enemy. the brilliant thing is, we don't even have to do the footwork activism that leftists seem to think they invented for use of "equality".

we certainly don't have their numbers. we certainly don't have their legal privilege, but we're right.

eventually, the next generation will have a couple of kids with some courage and rationality to challenge what is actually oppressing people.

dannyfrom504 said...

dude, you're describing 90% of the males that frequent my local. it's sad.

Pax Empyrean said...

Zombies. You gotta shoot 'em in the head.

Chris said...

Hi Cappy:

Two pieces of gold, in the last two days, mate (and you should have trackbacks on them).

You do realize that PhD candidates from other departments ARE basically the only dating pool I have left?

The trouble is that all it takes is one word saying that they have been taught shite -- and most of them are very studious women who never question a thing -- and you are out in the darkness.

But darkness and the secular monastory that SSM talks about is better than having to lie within a relationship.

Pulp Herb said...

Cap, you should name names on the cigar bar so none of us accidentally go there.

They deserve to be known forwhat they are.

Stretch said...

After a particularly mind-numbing comment by a PYT (perky young thing) at the next table I said "You're a liberal arts major, aren't you?"
She complained to the manager. He snickered and brought me a slice of pie on the house. PYT and hipster friend (who had remained silent through entire exchange) left in a self-righteous huff.

When the herd thinning begins I'll be using a reliable .30 caliber ... with a bayonet for those up close and personal encounters.

Anonymous said...

The violence you predict is one of the main reasons I started my blog and training company. When the violence does come (as I agree that it will), I want the good people to have a skill advantage over the evil people. They will outnumber us for sure, so we need to "out skill" them.

Anonymous said...

The theory of "white privilege" may have had some relevance at the turn of the civil rights movement...but it is simply outdated at this point. As a black man I can firmly state that food stamps, affirmative action, and quotas simply need to be done away with. Besides, what the hell is a minority anymore? In 50 years the US will be 40% white 35% hispanic 25% everything else...will we still be talking about how whites have it so much better. True racism and sexism aren't very common except in very rural areas of the country. But, don't tell feminist bitch this...and definitely don't tell unenlightened black man this...he will simply babble about how I've lost the faith or some other dumb as fuck term describing how I've lost my way by enjoying the company of my mostly white friends and romantic partners. I'm sure you're new cigar lounge features a waitress with a much tighter ass!

JoeG said...

My take on white privilege, if you care (and I commenting on this only because I respect your intellectual honesty):

There once was an organized system of white privilege (not including slavery because everyone has done that) that was effectively ended by the civil rights movement. Modern day white privilege (such as it is) boils down to 1) the head start in wealth and social development that whites got (generally speaking) because of the prior organized system and 2) what I would call "white benefit of the doubt syndrome" (WBDS). WBDS is basically that we look more favorably on whites than we do on black (for good and bad deeds, generally speaking). We look more favorably on a white lawyer than we do a black lawyer (generally speaking). And we look more negatively on a black criminal than we do on white criminals (generally speaking). Although WBDS is essentially a small individual judgement call, the cumulative of effect of everyone making the same judgement call makes it look like a system of privilege. Especially when it results in unnecessary incarceration of black males (many deserve it, but many don't). The truth is that even blacks engage in WBDS, and blacks reinforce WBDS by living up to many of their own negative stereotypes (generally speaking). WBDS coupled with the head start that whites received (generally speaking) are only speed-bumps not road blocks to black success. And we all need challenges in life to overcome. Unfortunately too many blacks (men in particular) have allowed themselves to feminize by liberals and have turned into whiny needy bitches. Plus we're not sure how much we can really trust you (just being honest).

Captain Capitalism said...

Cigar Jones near the lake Minnetonka area.

Though I doubt they're going anywhere. SUPER rich folk in that area and they're the only cigar bar in town.

Unknown said...

I've been saying for years that the zombie apocalypse isn't fictional: it happens every year at the voting booth.