Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Damn Hippies

Found some hippie tracks.  Some damn hippie hiking on my trails on my mountain!


Reluctant Paladin said...

Vibram 5 Fingers is indeed hippy footwear for those who think it is somehow more natural to see their toes. My ancestors didn't tame the wilderness and cross oceans so I could see my damned toes!

Aynsley said...

Those look like Vibram shoes to me, or a knock off. Personally, I would love a pair.

Anonymous said...

Those are not "Hippie" tracks...those would be Birkenstocks.

Vibrams are Primal/Paleo Peeps.

BIG difference!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW, did you get your email from Amazon Associates yet? Can't wait to hear about that...Grr.

Anonymous said...

I fully enjoy running in my 5 fingers....and do NOT qualify as a hippie.

Revo Luzione said...

Listen the Anonymous guy--it's the paleo/primal crossfit crowd that wears these. Hippies wear Birkenstocks, those hideous clogs, or maybe chaco sandals.

Lotsa the paleo primal people are libertarians & free thinkers. Just FYI bruh. Got to get your memes straight!

Captain Capitalism said...

Nope, nope, sorry.

I have to "decree."

The "foot gloves" or whatever you want to call them are officially hippie.

So sorry 123NOQUITS!


weambulance said...

Pah. The hippies would never let me join their peace circle or whatever crap they do, but I love my Vibram Five Fingers. They're the most comfortable shoes ever, seriously.

I am a libertarian paleo crossfitter, though.