Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"My Mom Is Taking Care of My Child"

Rip apart the boomers all you want (and by all means, please do), there is one area or arena they are getting their comeuppance and getting paid back in spades - raising their children's children.

I don't believe this to be a plague that affects middle or upper classes, but certainly the lower-middle and lower economic classes.  And there could not be any better form of poetic justice.  For if you raised your child so "crappily" that your child now lacks the common sense and reason not to fornicate without protection and get/get somebody pregnant, it is now YOU who gets to pay the consequences. 

Forget retirement grandma, you get to baby sit while your harlot of a daughter goes and works at the local hair salon and then goes to night school to become a "chef" because she can't take care of her kid she had when she was 16.  

Hey, did you have your kid at 15 and (surprise surprise) dad didn't stick around to raise your son?  Well, don't be surprised when your son "Jessup" comes home with his 17 year old crappy goatee telling you he knocked up his girlfriend.  18 more years of strife for you!

And did your son carry on a life long tradition of children born out of wedlock as he pursues his 'aspiring rap artist' career?  Good luck "grandpa," you get to deal with two children now.

Naturally these types of *COUGH COUGH WHEEZE WHEEZE* "families" never read Cappy Cap.  I'm just highlighting the above study/link so you can enjoy the self-inflicted misery these losers of society foist upon themselves.


jaericho said...

Good one Cap!

My mom and I were discussing this only a few weeks ago. She brings home some stories that are doozies from her newly grandparented coworkers. And most of the stories include grandma taking care of the kid while the princess has another meltdown over some less than trivial hiccup in her life.

My mom told me that she and her peers (boomers) never would have considered having my grandma babysitting or raising me as much as she sees it happen these days.

Well, I guess the next generation considered differently.

Y'know, I think it's time for some rumple minze. Cheers.

Retrenched said...

Female coworker and her husband are raising their daughter's child. Now the daughter is pregnant again and has moved back home.

She'll run off again and leave this new baby with them too, I'm sure.

Sucks, but that's what you get for raising a whore.

Green Grass said...

Jessup?! LOL!!!

As someone who grew up in a traditional South Asian joint family household (google "Indian joint family" to learn more), I see this from a different perspective. Of course in the Indian joint family there are no out of wedlock births, but I feel greatly fortunate that I grew up in the house of my paternal grandparents and were raised by them in addition to being raised by my parents and my 2 paternal uncles and their wives, my aunts.

I think this type of household and family formation would be great for Americans to adopt, sans the out of wedlock births.

And you save a ton of money on top of it.

Anonymous said...

True, but the women I can't stand are the ones who got 'babies rabies' in their late 30s and latched onto the nearest drunken bum to have kids with and then spend their days bagging him out for being a... wait for it... drunken bum!
A couple of professional women I work with are like that and treat the men around them like they all need to make it up to them because of their shitty lives!

patriarchal landmine said...

my mom was very middle class, and her daughter is on welfare with 3 bastard thugspawn.

Anonymous said...

What is your summer-school lecture honorarium, motherfucker?

Anonymous said...

A lot of these grandparents are in their 30's, you know. Idiocracy is coming.

Anonymous said...

Here's one for you Cappy Cap:

Studies are interesting, especially when they seem to indicate that children of single mothers, ESPECIALLY GIRLS, are NOT better off than their friends with fathers.

adiaforon said...

This has been going on in the black community for many years, as we all know. Then, it started with trailer-park trash.

Anonymous said...

What you are saying is true but I wonder how it applies to those families that have a very fast regeneration rate? Specifically those generations that have a new brood every 15 years. The whole Baby boomer model really doesn't fit them since their geneology isn't really tied to WW2 and "the greatest generation" metrics.

Anonymous said...

If you can't raise better kids then you deserve to be stuck looking after their bastards!! Of course, the taxpayer gets to be a part of this lovely world the pond scum create. Wish there was a way of determining if this behavior will happen and then sterilize these losers before it does.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

As I grow older and more philosophical I have come to believe that grandparents raising children might be a much better model. However, that is predicated on the availability of an extended family, where the folks of procreating ages are busy doing hard physical work while the older members of the family do less physically demanding, but still very important work.

We are so screwed.

Bibiana said...

I raised two children as a single mom, and both are adults. Both have stable relationships, and neither one has had a baby. They are waiting until THEY can provide. Not only was I single, but I am also low-income. From the start I told my kids exactly how it is. I told them about sex, disease, and birth control. I also said that if anything DID happen, I would not judge and I would help in any way I could- but I could not raise their child for them.