Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Kick Ass Father's Day Gift Ideas #2

These actually came recommended from readers:

Band of Brothers DVD Set

Bruce Willis DVD Set including "Last Man Standing" and "The Last Boy Scout"

Stanley Tool Set (though there are a ton you can find on teh interwebz)

and my recommendation a humidor for your dad's cigars


Anonymous said...

umm.. you left a couple ideas.

New gun
Survival Gear
Enjoy the Decline book

Trey said...

DVD needs more Hudson Hawk!

Anonymous said...


Take me out for a round of clays or an afternoon with the .22. Buy me a couple fish hooks and we'll get the boat out and try them out. Buy some steaks or a half sack of beer and we'll burn some meat.

We are fathers. You can't buy us anything we can't get ourselves, and you have more important things to spend money on at your age.

A card and some of your time is all we need.

JN said...

patriarchal landmine said...

last boyscout is a very underrated and entertaining movie.

Anonymous said...

from the top of my head...

a swiss knife
a linen guayabera shirt
a zippo lighter with a carefully chosen picture
an old fashioned shaving kit