Monday, June 03, 2013

The Thankless Job of Aggregator

Aggregators account for a plurality, if not, outright majority of my traffic, and therefore the lifeblood of my blog.  Matter of fact, if you look at your stat tracker or site counter, chances are it's the same for you and any other blog.

Just one problem - they're aggregators.

In being in aggregator you are doing the most selfless and altruistic work in that you never get to write or produce your own stuff.  You are constantly (and charitably) linking to and championing others.

What thanks do you get?

Well, you can monetize your site and get some revenue that way.  You get the great respect and kudos from the sites you aggregate, but beyond that, not much.  It's a thankless job.

Therefore I did want to highlight some of the aggregators out there who day in and day out do you, me and everybody else in the blogging world a big favor.  They provide our readership an easy and convenient was to access out material and should be noted, highlighted and pimped out on a regular basis.

Let me know if I'm missing any.

A Voice for Men
RedPill Reddit
Delusion Damage
Libertarian Zebby
Hawaiian Libertarian


Unknown said...

If it helps, I have mentioned you several times in some of my past blog posts over at the Education Bubble and Scam Report blog. I honestly hope it's helped with your traffic not that it needed it or anything.

Check out the epic strawmanning in the comments of this video.

I don't remember anyone saying that people should just not go to college and "flip burgers."

It really does say a lot about people when they've created these channels like an echo chamber so they could only hear their anti-globalization/anti-neoliberal/anti-libertarian confirmation bias.

Many of these accounts focus on an extremely narrow topic. Makes me think many of them are the same guy. How can one specific person make all these people this angry? And I doubt many of them could even have enough guts to write their own blogs with their real names and actually give some substantial economic education, market analyses, or investment advice of their own and provide empirical evidence for their beliefs.

I've seen some of these accounts claim that they are part of the 1% and they have supposedly made billions or millions. If that's true, then why would they spend all this time trying to troll and create all these channels?

That is a definition of a loser to me and I've started seeing these people comment on more libertarian leaning videos and trolling with snide, rude comments, so I just wanted to give you the heads up in case of any of these "commentators" start to comment on your stuff.

Unknown said...

Hawaiian Libertarian...keep up the good work sir.

Jack (VivaLaManosphere) said...

Thanks Captain!

Anonymous said...

How can you forget instapundit? their traffic practically bought you that AR-15!

'Reality' Doug said...

I use The Evil Patriarchy on twitter: @EvilPatriarchy.

Heeeee's eeeeeeeeviiiiilllle.

dannyfrom504 said...

Yeah, Keoni.

Anonymous said...

Entreri said...

I personally wouldn't put AVfM in there, wouldn't give them ANY kind of attention or plug, but that's just me.

Steve McBogart said...

There's another one with a Drudge-like interface but I lost the link. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

DD said...

It's been my pleasure. I appreciate the mention though