Thursday, June 13, 2013

You Can't Blog on a Motorcycle

Bar not hitting a deer or meeting Jennifer Aniston on the side of the road, I am currently enroute to the Black Hills for a 2 week sabbatical.  Thusly, I will be plagiarizing the work of others as it is somewhat difficult to blog while piloting a motorcycle.  Posts will return to somewhat normal once I make it to my hotel.  On a related note if you are in the Black Hills area, give a shout out to the Captain.  Grab a Rumpie or get a hike or something.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.  We need anti-nepotism legislation.  This is one of the things both democrats and republicans (small d/r) can agree on.  There would have been no Bush's, no Pelosi's, no Dayton's and no other spoiled little trust fund brats destroying our country.

I don't disagree with him, but one thing that the boomer generation did (quite brilliantly, though unintentionally perhaps) was dumb down successive generations so much those generations were too stupid to

1.  educate themselves about government finances
2.  realize they were being taken advantage of and thus

still vote against their best interests.

Again, why ANY controversial blogger NEEDS to consolidate their best writings and publish a "best of."

It is a dark, very dark world of psychology that I have yet to delve into the depths necessary to start pulling my own theories, but I theorize my recent "Felon Game" experiment and this are related.

 Diamonds are a woman's biggest shit test.

I think we have found the most despicable person in America with all the traits and characteristics embodied into one soul. Though this lady is a close second.


Anonymous said...

If you work with someone just like you, say someone of the same race, and it produces a surplus of utility, it's social capital.

If you work with that same person, but you leech off of others, it's nepotism.

A lot, perhaps the VAST MAJORITY, of supposed anti-racism, is to disarm the first group to make more room for the second one to do its dirty work. Politicians love diverse cultures where no one can agree on anything, and thus can't challenge the in-group.

Anonymous said...

Diamonds? Bullshit?

For shame, Captain! SHAME!

Diamonds are no more bullshit than anything else.

Anybody can jump into an existing market and play. But it takes real smarts to create a market and then control it!

Sure, your cheap disposable Casio watch will do the job...but don't try to tell me it's just as good as a Rolex or a Breitling!

Vanity is a market like any other and if you can provide the bling and flash to feed it - why not make a buck off it?