Monday, June 24, 2013

The Consequences of Having No Consequences

The hotel I'm at is a denizen for

people on the cheap (like me)
old timers looking to retire and live on the cheap
outlaws evading the law

This makes for some colorful acquaintances, but also provides for some dangerous entertainment I, frankly, enjoy.

One of the older men had imbibed too much.  He was a larger fellow, almost pushing 4 bills.  He passed out, collapsed, and landed on the floorboard heater which then proceeded to burn his skin to the point the smell awoke others, but not him.  He was then rushed to the local hospital and then helicoptered out to a burn unit and I believe he finally woke up only after they shaved off several pounds of flesh to address his burns.

Not to be crass, but that's the truth. 

Now we may mock and ridicule this alcoholic all we may, but the truth is the entire country is nothing more than a macro-economic incarnation of this fellow.  And the reason why is that we constantly bail out people from their mistakes, just like the alcohol prevented this sap from experiencing the full pain of his wounds.  We ensure there are no consequences.

Complain all you want about "Wall Street Bankers," there are millions of "everyday mainstreet" people we bail out from their everyday, idiotic mistakes that cumulatively cause the country much more harm.

They had too many kids.

Bought a house they couldn't afford

Majored in a worthless subject

Started a sports bar that was guaranteed to fail.

Or they racked up a ton of credit card debt.

Everyday, day in, day out, either through forgiveness via the bankruptcy laws or a taxpayer bailout, we prevent the most stupid, ignorant, idiotic, parasitic, negative-net-economic value people of our society from suffering the full and complete financial, economic, and emotional consequences of their mistakes they fully deserve.


Because leftists have figured out they can score people's votes by shielding people from the consequences of their mistakes.  They have made a (temporary) world where there is no pain and no consequences.  Only success or neutrality. 

But what are the consequences of a "world without consequences?"  What if we just paid for all the illegitimate children, bailed out all the banksters, forgave all the humanities-liberal-arts-worthless-degree-majoring college students, and just financially made sure nobody ever suffered their own stupidity?

Complete and utter collapse of society.

Understand a world where there are no consequences will only result in a selfish and childish society that will ultimately destroy itself.  The reason why is that if you use the public treasury to constantly bail people out of their mistakes they never are introduced, let alone, forced to live in the real world.  They are only brought up with the motherly positive-reinforcement and never the fatherly negative-reinforcement/punishment.  And they are therefore are never forced to be adults, let alone, self-sufficient, self-supporting, independent units of society.  Worse still, because of this lopsided upbringing, they think they have done no wrong and are incapable of shame.  And thus each independent unit turns out to be not only a dependent human, but an enititlement-mentalitied one as well.

But there's a mathematical and economic catch.

Classes of DEPENDENT humans can only last as long as the INDEPENDENT humans are producing enough economic surplus to finance both groups' livelihoods.  And while this economic-production-charade can be extended further as you dupe some suckers convince creditors like the Chinese, Japanese, Indians or others to lend you money against your non-producing assets, in the end there is NOT the production necessary to support everybody's livelihood.

"Tami" the single mother of 3 from 5 different fathers, decides to default on her student loans when she pursued her "Masters in Peace Studies"


"Tanner Winthrop III" doesn't get paid back his $400 million loan he made to his Sigma Sigma Phi frat brother for that micro-brew that failed


any one of the hundreds of millions of equally negative-net-economci value people who rely in some way or another on others' production to bail them out, slowly, but surely start to overcome, and like a cancer consume, outnumber and inevitably kill the productive cells and host.

In short, the whole leftist, boomer-era, Dr. Spock, BS of shielding our pwuecious wittle childwren from the harsh realities of society (because you were too lazy to parent) has only served to produce two generations of net-negative economic producers, three if you include the boomers themselves.

And while we can play the game of moving cones or changing accounting rules, in the end what we ultimately have is
  • a bunch of adult children incapable of supporting themselves, 
  • hopelessly depending on a government for their livelihood, 
  • which itself is hopelessly dependent on a deteriorating tax base, 
  • which also then relies on the naivety of foreign creditors to lend against our WWII generation's reputation
  • while current generations watch "Keeping Up With the Kardaishians," major in sociology, and vote such an inconceivably inept man like Barack Obama into the presidency.
The fact millions of creditors lent $16 trillion against such lousy, pathetic, worthless, and non-producing assets is beyond me.

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KevinB said...

Along the lines of "everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten..":

In many old Bugs Bunny cartoons, Elmer Fudd would be out hunting, and would wash his face in the morning. Bugs would put his towel on a branch, and keep moving it just out of Elmer's reach, until Elmer walked right off the cliff. The funny part, to kids, was Elmer wouldn't fall until he wiped the soap from his eyes. Then, he'd just hang there for a second with a woeful look on his face, before plummeting to the ground below.

I like to characterize what we have as the Elmer Fudd economy. We walked off the end of the cliff long ago, and once the debt tap is turned off, it's going to be "look out below". You can't hold off the universe forever, no matter how much money you print.

Anonymous said...

I have always said that if an enemy of the US wanted to bring us to our knees, they'd just have to hack the computers that reload the EBT cards that one out of six Americans use.

There'd be riots in the streets.

Ironically, I'd bet that not a single EBT card user has ever asked himself the question, "What do I do if the government stops feeding me?"

Robert said...

You're underestimating the economic power of the mass of foreclosures, bankruptcies, embezzlements, bribery, corruption and miscellaneous economic crimes that support this great country. Why, the paperwork alone must be boosting GDP by orders of magnitude from what it would be if everone behaved himself.

Pat Sullivan said...

You have hit on a fundamental aspect of a free society. People have to live with; the consequences of their own actions. This is one of the pillars of a free society. A person gets to reap big rewards, from taking risks that pay off. They also must live with actions, that resulted in misfortune.
I agree, the government has removed the risk of many bad behaviors. They have also promoted the idea, of removing many of the rewards people receive from good behaviors. The "you did not build it" statement, is another example of an eliminating rewards culture in Washington. Yes, Big Brother always knows what is best.
Whenever a government declares people are not responsible for their own actions. The result is a reduced level of liberty within a society.
A free country should always allow people, to live with the results of their own actions.

Anonymous said...

My parents led me down the path of suffering and then called me stupid for not wanting to double down... I think I can understand how people can choose to opt out.

Anonymous said...

My father always said that most of the shit you just outlined would be avoided if everyone was made to experience a punch in the face at least once!

Anonymous said...

Good article. But I'm still trying to figure out how you have three kids with five different fathers.

Redneck Joe said...

Heh. Just today at lunch I went on a rant that was basically a summary of this. Some guy suddenly switched from the left lane to the right lane, cutting in front of me and missing my front bumper by about half a car length. Then he swerved back to the left, cutting off the guy he had been tailgating. Then he veered to the left turn lane, stopping behind some other cars that were waiting to make a left turn, exactly where he would have been without the entire reckless exercise.
I said "Long ago, people like that would just work subsistence jobs, plowing, planting, carrying things, cleaning up, etc. They were paid enough to eat. The people who ran things didn't do crazy stuff like we do - giving them cars, credit cards, so they can wreak havoc like that."
No kidding, just said that 2 hours ago before reading this article. That thought goes through my mind several times a day when I have to interact with the public.

Anonymous said...

When you subsidize something, you get more of it.

When you remove the need for a people to be responsible for themselves, you end up with an irresponsible people.

Exurban said...

$400 million for a microbrewery? You could start one up in style and still have $390-something million left.

Quibbles aside, I have many of the same thoughts about giveaways and bailouts and irresponsibility that you have, but don't hold your breath waiting for anything to change.

Michael Daly said...

A hotel can not be a denizen. I think you meant den.

Robin said...

...three children from five different men.... What the hell? You're two children short. What is she, a dog?

Stephen J Carter said...

It feels like the USA has become Eastman Kodak ...