Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feminists Can't Do Math

A friend sent this to me.  Article claiming Julia Gillard was ousted because of sexism.

The article is full of half-truths and hallow accomplishments, not to mention "successes" that are actually failures (she passed the most amount of legislation since WWII - OH GREAT!  Just what everybody wants! More rules!)

But something caught my economist eye.  The author claims Australia's GDP increased by 14% under Gillard.  Of course it was a feminist prime minister that was the cause of this great economic growth.  Not the hard working people of Australia and certainly not China's economic boom requiring Australia's natural resources.  No, Ms. Gillard, just like Obama could fart out GDP.

Regardless, I found that 14% odd and a little high for a prime minister that has only been there, about 3 years.  So I did two things feminists don't;

Look up some facts

Here's the data I used - RGDP growth rates from the OECD.

Here's the math I did exponentially multiplying the various years, halving 2010's and 2013's growth since Ms. Gillard took over and got fired mid year in each years respectively.

The REAL economic growth figure?


Look, ladies (and by ladies, I mean feminists), if you want to be treated as equals you need to actually BE EQUALS.  Not hacks, not spoiled children following an ideology at the cost of truth, and on top of it you need to be able to do at least 5th grade mathematics.  You demand all these changes in society, you demand everybody make sacrifices, but when all you spew is propaganda that is either spun so much it's not true, our just outright lies, your entire credibility is shot.

Perhaps you could enlist some engineers and accountants of the female persuasion instead of drudging up the same ole "leftist, humanities-majoring "journalist/writer/adviser/activist" (Oh, that's right, those women are busy with real jobs and producing actual GDP and economic production people want!).  Or perhaps you could take some elementary school math classes for free at Khan's Academy.  Or perhaps you could actually grow up into a mature adult, learn about economics, develop intellectual honesty, and learn what "empirical" evidence means before you start advocating the world change to unfairly benefit you.

Because to tell you the honest truth, when all your mind is capable of is viewing the world through the feminist lens, you don't come off as myopic, self-serving, and a cry baby, you ARE MYOPIC, SELF-SERVING and a CRY BABY.  And ironically if all you can do is whine and complain, chalking every problem up to "sexism" and not take your lumps like a real man, then not only will you incorrectly diagnose yours or society's problems, you will never achieve parity with men.

But please, continue on the "feminism at all costs, including the truth."  It provides immense entertainment for myself, not to mention exposes who are charlatans and ideologues advancing a political cause to benefit at the expense of others, and who are actual statesmen and patriots who care about society.


National Organization Of Srong, Independent Women said...

Don't be ridiculous! All those numbers and data are just part of the patriarchy's plan to keep woman enslaved. Only society changing to meet our every need will empower us.

We are women, hear us whine!

Anonymous said...

As an Australian, I'm annoyed no end that any discussion of Gilliard has to involve the sexism card.

She came to power via an internal coup, stabbing Kevin Rudd in the back to take his job, painting her as self-interested in power and as untrustworthy as former Prime Minister Paul Keating.

The election a few months later that was supposed to validate her as a leader, actually resulted in a stalemate, which no side winning a clear majority in parliament, the first time in our history such a thing has happened. The protocol is to hold a second election, but Gillard held a bunch of closed door meetings with the independent seats, bribing them to back her party, thus claiming their seats to win power. A clear majority of Australia did not vote her into office: she got through on shennanigans.

My region had been fighting for a new hospital for 35 years, and we didn't exist to the government, until they needed our region's votes to claim power. Well, we have a new hospital, coupled with the bitter taste that us country hicks were worthless in their eyes until they needed us to solidify a power base. Hypocrites.

The Jezebel crew trumpted her famous 'misogyny' speech without understanding the context: that one of her ministers was involved in a scandal that would probably result in his ousting from parliament under normal circumstances. A couple of seats had swung since her backroom dealing and, if she lost him, her party would lose majority control. Instead of addressing the issue at hand of a minister sexually-harrassing a male underling, she changed the subject and attacked Tony Abbot, thus defending a sexual abuser in her own party who was on record as describing women's sexual organs as looking like seafood. This paints her as hypocritical and only interested in her own power.

She repeatedly flipped on policies, and broke election promises, which means her word was worthless, and she had no sense of honour.

Her policies were negatively impacting the population. One example: as a result of the carbon tax on electricity and gas usage, all households now have five bills a year instead of four to pay. What her policies were mainly good for was implementing another layer of make-busy government organisation work for women.

Her policies and performance and perception made her unpopular *with women*, which is why, when her low approval rate was starting to point towards a leadership challenge, she then pulled the misogyny card - the only time during her term she got worldwide attention. This time people saw through the obvious distraction from the real issues tactic.

The day before the vote on leadership, she then *changed* the government rule that all such voting was anonymous. She was trying to threaten the ministers with punishment if they were against her. What is law when her power is at stake?

She made her own bed. Saying her downfall is due to sexism is just parroting her spin.

BigFire said...

Captain, don't you know by now that Math by its very nature is sexist?

patriarchal landmine said...

leadership positions belong to people who wield logic and reason. this is why women don't deserve them.

and by women, I don't just mean "feminists."

Anonymous said...

Gillard was hideous in any way you could define it.

Her erstwhile replacement Rudd is no different.

Hopefully they will all be a bitter memory very shortly.

Ex-pat in Oz

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but does she have big tits?

Lord Highbrow said...

"She repeatedly flipped on policies, and broke election promises, which means her word was worthless, and she had no sense of honour."

To be fair, you've just described every politician ever, in history.

As a fellow Aussie, I'm glad she's gone. That woman and her merry band of omega eunichs did so much damage it's not even funny.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, but does she have big tits? "

No. And she's like 60 or something so eew.

But if you though the shrieking feminists of the left were bad, wait till the pussy-pedestalising tradcon white knights of the right get in.

Tony "budgie" Abbot. At least under Gillard, australia isn't run bt the vatican.

Anonymous said...

I am an Aussie who has had the benefit of living in North America (Canada and Michigan) for nearly 10 years. Now back down under.
What you see in Detroit an California right now is the track that Australia was on under Gillard.
The previous Conservative government had built up a huge surplus and the labour party under Rudd and then Gillard blew it all and then plenty more.
Anonymous at 1:58 PM summed it up well, but no doubt because of space, left out that Gillard is also under investigation by the major fraud squad of the Victorian police for her part in a scam that her then boyfriend ripped off $1,000,000+ from the AWU union, employers and state governments (Gillard falsified paperwork).
Her poll ratings were in the tank and getting worse and this scandal is about to blow.
The union dumped support for her (partly because they knew this was coming) and all the politicians they control were told to support Rudd in the coup even though they all hate his guts.
The misogyny speech was always bullshit. She is a liar, a crook and headed for an electoral wipeout of historic proportion. Although the unions originally put her there as a puppet they could control, even they could see the writing on the wall. Rudd was re-installed to try to save some labour seats.