Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Too Late for the Boomers, But Not For You

Don't wait until you're 60 to start planning for retirement.


Here's the class I offer on basic personal finance and retirement planning. It is very introductory and written for the common man.  No hoity toity crap, no talking over your head.  Simple common senses and advice everybody needs. 


Glen Filthie said...


I learned everything I need to know from the doings in Cypress: if you have money in the bank, and socialists and looters running amok...you will probably lose it.

My money goes into a vault these days. I will invest again once all the democrats and liberals have starved to death.

Robert said...

Hmm. What makes you think vaults and safe deposit boxes are immune to "bail-ins"? Banks are merely arms of the state these days. When government troops surround the banks, what makes you think they will let you in to empty your vault? Even if your vault is at home, it's vulnerable if anyone knows about it. And you've just announced its existence. The only rule that applies in that case is who has the biggest gun.

Anonymous said...

Google Chrome is giving me a malware warning for your site. Just thought I'd give you the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Are you that worried about what the price of bullets will be 40-50 years from now?

Unknown said...

In all seriousness, Cappy, I consider retirement to be a lie, just as the cake is a lie.

Understand that I seriously respect your experienced/knowledge/understanding, and frankly I want you to prove me wrong.

Let me make my case:
1) I fully expect a serious round of inflation ahead, all but wiping out all I've saved thus far.
2) I fully expect a period of 2-3 decades before America finally realizes it needs to deregulate industry if it intends to ever be seriously competitive again. This is right during my prime earning years.
3) I fully expect taxes as a percent of my income to increase as entitlement spending shows no sign of breaking/braking.
4) I fully expect real estate to become a market in which the middle-class cannot participate due to initial investment being pushed out of reach in this country.
5) I fully expect Social Security to not be available when I am 65
6) I fully expect significant societal disruption in the developed world as the developing world continues to play disruptor from below for 20-30 years, this means severe wage impacts and stunted job growth in the developed world.

I cannot see why I should not just live for today for the next 20 years. Please explain to me why I should not put everything towards some mobile assets (Boat/motor home) that provide for job flexibility and if taken care of can also be used as low-living-expense retirement vessels.

Please tell me why I should plan on a standard retirement.

Anonymous said...

Weren't you the one advocating the Smith & Wesson retirement plan ?

Captain Capitalism said...

Absolutely I advocate the Smith and Wesson retirement plan.

Now how many have the gall to go through with it?

That's why this advice is still applicable. Many people will opt for this route.

sth_txs said...

Is Your Retirement Planning as Bad as Most Americans' Planning? Find Out Here.


I don't disagree with his points. Even if I lived lower than I do now, I don't see how the heck I can save 11 times my income for retirement. Plus the issues as mentioned such as inflation and confiscation.