Thursday, June 06, 2013

No Man Has Any Excuse for Not Working Out

Thanks to this badass mofo.

Next time you think

"I don't want to work out."
"Working out sucks."
"I hate working out."

have yourself a cup of STFU and hit the gym AND be thankful.


earl said...

Now that's alpha.

Sebastos1560 said...

I'm not looking for excuses, I'm just depressed!

Kindjal said...

This dude is an inspiration. I've got a calisthenics routine using 20's whereby I joyfully murder my body. I'm satisfied with what I do, but the guy in the video is a "No Shit Charlie!" on his 30's pounders.

I'll let him "go big", but I urge that nobody out there "go home", just cause of what he said. Go with what you can stand to do and you'll not be sorry.

Jonathan said...

Great video but with annoying music.
Nature fucked him over but I reckon he's a better man than most of us.

Wes said...

If you think that's inspirational then you should know about a man born with a condition where he is missing one arm and his legs have no bones. He jerks it so much his good arm has a decent amount of definition. He's also addicted to morphine. But that one arm he has is in good shape. //end troll

I don't understand how this is inspirational. This is depressing. Working out is easy. Do you need to be inspired everytime you brush your teeth and wipe your ass?

Not working out is a harder thing to do.