Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Economically Benefiting from Vice

A champion against corporate welfare, and rare ally i have on the left is Ed Kohler of "The Deets".  He is a nice guy, but brainwashed none the less, living in the echo chamber of MInneapolis.  However, what aligns us is his impeccable work aaginst Zigy Wilf who is the owner of the Minnesota Vikings and rich man who has bent over the Minnesota taxpayer to subsidize himself a new stadium.  there's already enough reasons not to attend a Minnesota Viking's game

1.  They suck and have never won a superbowl
2.  None of them are from Minnesota and are merely people fat, overweight men live vicariously and Monday Morning Quarterback through. 
3.  Parking sucks


4. Subsidized by the taxpayer

can be added to the list.

However, a friend of mine sent me this:

"Football sponsorship is a big business."

And the "football" he's talking about is not "football," it's soccer.

Apparently over in the old country casinos and gambling companies are allowed to sponsor various soccer teams.  The two meld together well since you can bet on sports, so an alliance between the gambling industry and professional sports would make sense. 

The article cites problems, wondering if there are drawbacks to such an alliance, and of course casinos are not the end all be all of every economy's problems.  But if Deadwood and Indian reservations are any proxy, why not use gambling to pay Zigy his "Wilfare" (as Ed likes to call it) and leave the tax payer alone.

I know, I know.  Me and my stupid simple economic solutions to simple economic problems.  If all of the politicians were dead maybe we could make some headway.


Unknown said...

That would work for me, since I don't participate in either industry. It pisses me off that my tax dollars go to subsidize sports teams I don't give a crap about.

So let the casinos do it. It's perfect!

For me, gambling is putting $20 in the nickle slots so I can get free drinks on the casino. If I get more than $20 in drinks, I consider myself to have come out ahead.

Anonymous said...

Minnesotans prove their stupidity in many ways, but one of the best is their support of the Vikings and Timberwolves. Both perennial losers with no intentions of becoming anything else. I relish in the disappointment from the fans after each horsehit season is completed by these bums! And laugh at the beginning of each new season when they enthusiastically claim that this one will be different and provide a championship. This behavior can also be connected to their voting record, which is an absolute embarrassment! I lived in MN once, but eventually couldn't take it any longer and got the hell out, never to return, except to fleece the dummies.