Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Then Go Marry Jesus

Cripes.  A 33 point checklist????

Only one man I know who can meet all those requirements and more

I'll say it again for the cheap seats - the majority, not all, but the majority of young born again Christian women abuse religion as a means to leverage control, authority and demands over others.  Additionally, no man can compete with Rock Star Super Alpha JC.  It is an impossible task so do not even bother trying.


Retrenched said...

Young women are told they have a right to expect everything they want from men, but that men have no right to expect anything from them in return. Every woman deserves the perfect man, but men should always look beyond the outside and see women's "inner beauty". No one ever tells women to compromise, or to see men's "inner beauty", of course.

And then women wonder why they can't find men who want them for anything besides than a quick roll in the hay.

Kindjal said...

The good news is that the Saviour would certainly shake the dust from his feet.

Good things are coming, even if the Gathering is a long way off.

Amethyst said...

Dear God, that checklist would be reasonable only for a woman who looked like a young Sophia Loren, had at least 300 million in the bank and who could perform blowjobs that gave men double orgasms. What do you want to bet this woman is actually a thirty-something pudge whose self esteem has been puffed up by a million desperate beta-simps on Facebook, (hoping their trolling will persuade some woman--ANY woman--to give them some attention and a quick hand job?)

Anonymous said...

This is why the Bible is VERY SPECIFIC that women should not be the heads of households, nor leaders of men, nor leaders in the Church. When you let women take the wheel, they drive everyone off the cliff, including themselves. Of course the women who use Christianity are abusing it - that's what women DO.

Many, if not most, churches are run by feminized pussies, if there are men in charge at all, who don't have the balls to actually teach in accordance with the Bible. They are in apostasy.

But if they were to start preaching the truth, there would be hell to pay in our f-ed up society. There would probably be a DOJ investigation, and the IRS would revoke their tax-exempt status. Meanwhile, all the network TV stations would be doing "exposes" on the horrors of sexism in the church.

You guys may be tempted to believe that getting rid of Christianity is the solution, but the death of Christianity is the REASON for the decline of this country.

Anonymous said...

Catherine of Alexandria did just that:

'According to the traditional narrative, Catherine was the beautiful daughter of the pagan King Costus and Queen Sabinella, who governed Alexandria. Her superior intelligence combined with diligent study left her exceedingly well-versed in all the arts and sciences, and in philosophy. Having decided to remain a virgin all her life, she announced that she would only marry someone who surpassed her in beauty, intelligence, wealth, and dignity. This has been interpreted as an early foreshadowing of her eventual discovery of Christ. "His beauty was more radiant than the shining of the sun, His wisdom governed all creation, His riches were spread throughout all the world."'


Brian said...


There are good odds that she's still in her 20s, based on what I see in my church. But it's all but guaranteed that she's about 40 pounds overweight and not at all enjoyable to be around.

Unknown said...

Since I'm going through a divorce, I signed up for a few dating sites, including "Christian Mingle". It's kind of amusing to check my "matches". Normally, I won't look any farther than the picture if the woman is obese, looks "used up" (you'd be amazed how many women in their late 30's look like 60, unless they're lying, which isn't out of the realm of possibilities), or not smiling. If she won't smile in her profile picture, she'll probably be a repeat of my ex-wife, and I'm not going through that again.

There was one yesterday I should have sent to Vox Day or Roissy. The woman, in her profile, actually said something like "I used to like to hang with the bad boys. They're still fun, but now I'm looking for a man who knows how to treat a woman". I clicked "not interested" and muttered "Good luck with that".

Take The Red Pill said...

"Then go marry Jesus"

As if he would have ANYTHING to do with a lot of hypocritical, unrepentant ex-trollops who think that (because they have a hole between their legs) 'their sh*t doesn't stink'!
I'm not THAT desperate (and NEVER will be!) I extremely doubt that HE is, neither!

Anonymous said...

After my divorce I went 10 rounds with a rather demanding middle aged trollop. Much fun and just what I needed so I put up with her "treat me like a lady" shit just for the crazy any where sex. Still single, she now works for a mega church.

Anonymous said...

Men are already doing this. A priest friend of mine said that the number of young men entering the monasteries is unexpected.

Anonymous said...

So a woman shouldn't want to marry a Christian man. Help me understand. I agree the list is excessive. I would have said Christian, honest and loyal. I would say that only because that's would I could promise in return. Some women want too much from marriage on the other hand some men want to be able to do whatever and still have the title of a good Christian man worthy to be followed.

JoeG said...


Just an example of the advise these women are getting. It basically says they should just think about themselves.