Friday, March 07, 2014

A True Story About Communism

From our Son of a Communist Worker in the Field:

Communism is the application and enforcement of flawed socialist economics by firing squad.

To illustrate let me tell you a true story of what happened to my mother on a Kolkhoz (state farm) in the former Workers Paradise.

My mother was assigned to a dairy farm, to help milk the cows and other duties as befitting a farm girl. The farm had a quota which was to be picked up and delivered to the milk processing plants. As long as the cows were healthy and happy, the quota was maintained.

One day, however, the cows got sick and milk production dropped to less than half the assigned quota. A few days later the commissars came by to investigate. The commissars refused to accept the fact that the cows were sick and accused the farm manager of stealing the milk. My mother said that he just went white as a sheet. They also threatened the manager and half the staff, including my mother with execution if the thefts didn't stop.

The manager said that he would take steps to ensure that from now on full quota would be delivered on time.

Of course the cows were still sick and couldn't provide the volume of milk required to fulfil the quota.

The solution? Simply top up the half empty milk containers with well water and voila, quota met.

Socialism, Communism Fascism and Nazism are all branches of the same tree and ALL are EVIL.

I want all the little spoiled brat American children who live off of the innovations and savings and (now) credit/borrowings capitalism created/allowed for to pay attention.

The least of your problems will be that you can't afford the iPhone 7 when your ignorance manifests itself in something similar to the USSR.  And there will be no better deserving generation than the OWS'ers.

Oh well, Enjoy the Decline!


Anonymous said...

Reddit is discussing Enjoy the Decline:

finndistan said...

There was a Russian movie about a woman on the farm, and winning the flag every year because she was good at what she did. Winning the flag came with responsibilities of taking care of the ever more older flag, while the second and the third place got useful items.

It is an excellent dark comedy, I tried, but could not find the name.

How many people have capitalists killed, or caused the death of in the last two centuries, how many have the left of center killed?

We should not forget the moral-compass-of-today Sweden was castrating the unwanted; nor shall we forget the Gulags.

Another question is this, to the sympathizers of mass murder:

If the socialist/commie system is so good, why do people want to get out of the systems, and never do the sympathizers living in non-commie lands try to move there, instead try to bring the system to where they so comfortably live?

Socialism in scandinavia:

works only because people still have faith that one day there will be a pay-off.


Recent news in finland: The move to make children to pay for their parent's old age expenses if these expenses are more than the retirement allowance has started, in name of "fairness".

The parent took care of the child, now the child will be required to take care of the parent.

I thought retirement and old age care was guaranteed? the 50% tax theft was to pay off one day? That a village can raise a child, and care for an elder?

No money, no honey.

Anonymous said...

For people of ex-soviet countries (and who are not nostalgic retards) stories like this are very basic common knowledge. Meeting production quotas is really a mild thing. Kolhozes actually was forced to meet spending quotas as well, i.e. truck drivers would pour gallons of fuel in the ditch in case they didn't spend prescribed amount.

NigelT said...

I've heard similar stories as this. The modern day commies, and there seem to be more than a few of them, are disturbingly ignorant about what they propose. They don't grasp or won't admit that fear and apathy are naturally bred by a system of top down control. And when central plans inevitably stumble, the authorities have less and less incentive to be reasonable.

I guess they figure they'll "get it right this time" but what I usually hear is something like "at least everybody had a job" - yes, and I'm sure those jobs were so fulfilling. Maybe you could be the milk quota guy.

Kristophr said...

And I am sure that once it was established that the commissars could be tricked into accepting diluted milk, that all of the milk they received was diluted, regardless of how healthy the cows were.