Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why You Will See Morgan Baskin in the Future

I will make a prediction.  Not now, but in the future, you will see one Ms. Morgan Baskin in the future of politics.

She has all the qualifications:


She has no real world experience.
Never worked a day in her life.
But at the age of 18 she thinks she's qualified to be Toronto's mayor.

This is the key trait all politicians have - the arrogance and greed to put their personal interests ahead of society's.

Does this bint REALLY think she's qualified to lead the people of Toronto?

Of course not.

But that doesn't matter.  Ms. Baskin WANTS the money, fame, and above all else, easy high paying job.  She could not care less about the people of Toronto.

It is because of this is a 100% guarantee she WILL at some point in the future enter politics AND a 100% guarantee she will accelerate the decline of whatever constituency stupid enough to vote her in.

Do not say I didn't warn you or that this couldn't have been spotted a mile...err...1.6 kilometers away.


Anonymous said...

"Does this bint REALLY think she's qualified to lead the people of Toronto?"

I'd wager she truly believes it. 18 year olds have no idea how complicated the world is.

Anonymous said...

All she has to do to win is to promise the voters all the beer and cigarettes they can consume. I'm only half joking, because the people of Toronto put those two things ahead of anything else of importance. Having grown up there, I know!

Anonymous said...

She states she's looking for cool experiences. Well, I've got one for her. Picking up the dog shit in my backyard while wearing a cold compress around her neck!

Faithless Cynic said...

Send Morgan to West Shithole Maryland! Anyone would be an improvement over our " special interest " friendly County Council.

Anonymous said...

Well, if Crackhead Rob can do it..

Anonymous said...

Ah shut it. OP is bitter, crotchety, and jealous as all hell.

David said...

What's a "Bint" ?