Monday, March 17, 2014

White Male Appreciation Week

This week we celebrate the contributions white males have made to the world and society.  We just want to participate in celebrating diversity like every other political group does in America.

Today's White Male Achievement is Double Entry Book Keeping.

It's not a major contribution. Just that the entire world's GDP and global economy wouldn't exist without it.

Celebrate White Male Appreciation Week by using the hashtag #whitemaleappreciationweek or pointing out contributions that you appreciate having in life!


Jordan Ciccone said...

Careful, bro. You might scare away all the 'brothers and sisters' you suck up to.

Captain Capitalism said...

HI Jordan,

Not worried about it because I don't kiss up to them. I tell them how it is and they appreciate it because I'm not lying to them.

You ought to think long and hard about the BS and lies they've been fed and how to help them out, rather than dismiss them.

Glen Filthie said...

No offense Cap - but Jordan DOES have a point.

Da "brothas and sistahs" SHOULD be able to see this bullshit for themselves the same way you and I do. The vast majority of them do not.

Just sayin'. If you want to celebrate Whiteman Week - one of their finest achievements is being able to call bullshit when they see it.

Captain Capitalism said...

Well, then let's mock and rididcule them like real men would.

Because kissing their assess like a 2nd grade school teacher does only condemns them to the fated 2nd class citizenry they're experiencing now.

Seriously, do NONE of you hang out with black people? It's not that they're genetically different. It's that we've been treating them as subperiors. Treat them like genuine equals and call them on their shit and you'll be surprise how many new friends you make.

Aurini said...

You know how "sexist" marriages are happier than Liberal marriages? "Racists" like you and I tend to get along better with black people than egalitarians.

Glen Filthie said...

Yes, as a matter of fact...a real man WOULD mock and ridicule them the same as any other idiot, Aaron.

Not trying to get get your goat, bro. It is distressing to see otherwise notable intellects of the blogosphere stumble and fall over themselves to prove how much they love black people every time some liberal idiot threatens them with the 'racist' label.

Suit yourself bro. But for me - I will call a spade a spade.


Maximo Macaroni said...

"treat them like genuine equals" No. Most halfway smart blacks understand white boys are better than they are at a lot of things. Most of them just want a chance, but a significant dangerous fraction will take whatever they can get, with no shame whatever. To treat them as equals is just another form of patronizing. Treat them according to what they are. And, yes, many are some of the best human beings you could hope to meet. But not all. And not equal.