Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday Night Linkage

Average is average.

You are not a "bright young woman" if you are majoring in early childhood education. You are a babysitter.

Nomad Capitalist radio is back with it's first episode of 2014.

A tale of two grandmothers, one traditional, one careerist.  Guess who won at the game of life!


Anonymous said...

I agree with the babysitter comment, although I'm not sure the machine operator did anything wrong.

As to "winning" the game of life - I'm basically against funerals. If someone came by offering food after a family member died, it would annoy me quite a bit. In any event I don't think it is a good way to judge.

Anonymous said...

"bright young woman Viktoria.."

Notice the nasty tats she has on her arms? How much did they cost? We're supposed to feel pity for her because she supposedly has to work three jobs to get a worthless degree, but what is she spending her money on?

Another stupid victim of the decline. Fifty years ago she probably would have had a stable husband, kids and a fairly nice life. Now she's one layoff away from stripping.

Anonymous said...

An English teacher abroad writes... it should be "its first" because "its" is possessive, while "it's" is a contraction of "it is."

Thanks for your many words of wisdom here and on Youtube, and I always look forward to more.

Anonymous said...

English teachers and professors were always the most contradictory people I ever encountered in the realm of education. With regard to the its and it's thing. Teachers and professors and textbooks are divided as hell about that. Many teach that it's is possessive (which they back up with reasonable explanations... which I won't get into because this is already too geeky), while others bitterly rage about how its is possessive. Or they'll do things like argue about the placement of a comma... for hours! (this occurs at many fine colleges and universities lol)

English is a complex and rich language, but most of these people who teach it are subjective as hell about it even though English is pretty damn amorphous. English is not like other less complex languages, such as French, which have very strict rules and guidelines that are created by a department of the French government. We don't have some great central authority who determines everything about our language. English is anarchy. It changes and morphs as a result of our subjective use and misuse over time. Many of the rules we follow today were once incorrect a few hundred years ago, but people wouldn't stop using the language a certain way so their poor writing and grammar became correct! If you want to make an English major lose their shit you bring this stuff up. How the fuck do you think we went from things like anglo-saxon or those various odd and familiar offshoots of English and Scandinavian, German, and French languages to what we have today? It sure as shit wasn't from following the rules of some obsessive English teacher or professor who rages about correct speech. I say keep using and misusing English to the best of your ability. If you want to mix some other shit in there from other languages you know, do it and make the language your own.

Anonymous said...

"Now she's one layoff away from stripping"

Already too old. Wall, anyone? (at 27!)

heresolong said...

Viktoria says “That is our right, after pursuing education or being in the workforce or completing a trade or becoming an expert ... that we’re respected and we’re paid fairly for that.”

You have rights based purely on going to school or working? That's an interesting new perspective to the American ideal.

How about this, Viktoria? You have the right to make good decisions as to how you will spend your money and plan for the future. You have the right to go out and bust your hump looking for the job you want at the pay you want. Until you find it you have the right to nothing at all that comes from other people's pocketbooks.

Just some guy said...

I look at the tats on her arms, her useless degree, and her sense of entitlement an I have to wonder. What could she possibly contribute to the education of a child. I suppose she could be used as an example of what not to do but beyond that... You said she was a baby sitter but I wouldn't even let her baby sit my child.

Take The Red Pill said...

Concerning Viktoria -- a comment from a past blogger came to mind: "Since modern women refuse to be good examples, they must instead serve as dire warnings."
Yet another reason for men to Go Their Own Way, as well as to Enjoy the Decline.

Anonymous said...

About the game of life one, isn't it funny how the career woman's funeral sounded more like a retirement speech than a heart-felt one detailing how her family felt about her.
Not everyone gets a nice retirement speech, but it should NEVER come at one's funeral!