Sunday, March 09, 2014

When Your Job Hunt Strategy Consists of "Hopefully the Economy Will Turn Around"

I love it when college graduates never paid attention to economics class:


Karl said...

One of your best videos!

Anonymous said...

Don't blame me. I voted for Romney. Masters in chemistry, no job.

Some Guy said...


Unless you voted Ron Paul, then you are as uninformed as any liberal.

Kristophr said...

Buy some silver.

And get a trade. Go to a community college, and do their Associate degree progrm, but deliberately skip the liberal arts and PE bullcrap they lard onto the degree, and get any professional certs they offer.

( hint: you don't need the actual ass. degree to weld pipe in the Bakkan, or to pull wires in buildings )

And Anon: consider taking a job requiring a Chemistry degree abroad. I'm sure some country out there is not a screaming mess. Maybe learn some Spanish or Portuguese ( Brazil ) first?

Kristophr said...

Be careful, Aaron ... they might actually enjoy being spanked.

Anonymous said...

Straight to the point, truthful usual.

This site is nails. One of the best out there.

After a certain point, you can no longer reason with stupid people, ie people that vote democrat. You have to simply lower yourself to their standard and mock them ruthlessly. Just like Cap is doing. Mockery is all they understand. Their egos are very fragile.

Keep up the good work Cap. You blog is awesome.

brian said...

Tim -

Voting DOES change things. Did not the election of Obama make everything worse?

Anonymous said...


Maybe the problem is precisely because we depend too much on having the "right" people in positions of power. Why can't we instead abolish this position of power and redistribute said power to the people so that each and everyone of us have the power to lift ourselves by our own bootstraps.

And what's wrong with craftsmanship ? We can't all major in STEM degrees. Handymen and craftsmen can earn a good honest living. There is nothing wrong with being a diesel truck mechanic or a CNC machinist.

Also, why must we all be employed and have jobs. We couldn't some of us own a patch of land a grow our own food like we used to back a century and two ago ? During the great depression of 1929 to 1939, those who fared the best were those who possessed their own means of production. And family farmers definitely fit in this category. By growing their own food, raising their own meat, making their own soap and kitting their own clothes, those people rode the depression much better than mere employees that absolutely needed a job to sustain themselves.

Farmers might have had more difficult selling their overstock of food to buy some necessities like gasoline, sugar etc. But they certainly we nonetheless capable of sustaining themselves despite not being employed.

We must the choice always be between employment or business ? We can't we just work hard to make our own food and stuff and then consume said food and stuff ? Isn't that what true rugged individualismt and indepence is all about ?

Why must we do everything through a market and through division of labor.

Self-production for self-consumption is extremely hard and inefficient work but you are truly independent. This autarky is still capitalism. Just because you don't intend on producing to sell but instead you produce to consume doesn't mean it's not capitalism.

Working to earn money and going spending that money to consume means you will continue to need a fresh supply of money to consume and you will have to work as an employee to earn the said money.

Those deemed "smart" invest that money so it will grow. They make their money work for them. But they still put all their wealth in money. It takes a lot of money to become financially independent.

But it takes a lot less real capital in the form of means of production to be economically independent.

Maybe instead of putting all our wealth in money with the idea that we will get all our necessities from the market, it would be wise to invest in means of production to produce by ourselves and for ourselves what we want.

That would be a good way to start working and producing wealth for ourselves without needing money or employment.

How about a Consumers Going Their Own Way movement ? And how about a Workers Going Their Own Way movement ?

That would economically unblock the current situation.

beta_plus said...

While it's not Mech Eng (Chem and Petro Eng are commodity dependent) Chemistry majors not being able to find jobs is not good. And not just for economic growth.

They have the training to make chemical and (some) biological weapons, as well as undetectable explosives.

Idle hands are the devil's playground.