Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bullshit: America's Greatest Commodity

A requested video.


Kristophr said...

Women aren't the only ones with Rationalization Hamsters.

The Hamster lives within all of us. It's called your conscious mind.

When your subconscious wants something ( which is it's job, the subconscious is the seat of Volition ), it will ask the Conscious mind to go fetch it.

Strength of character is measured in your conscious mind's ability to say no, that is too stupid, and your unconscious mind's ability to say "OK, but work on it if it is possible later".

A weak person will get a different order form below: "make up something that sounds logical, so I can have what I want".

And then your conscious mind suddenly becomes Rationalization Hamster, and makes up delusional shit to justify self-destructive behavior, because it can't say no, and it's subconscious partner has been told "yes, master" too many times.

Kristophr said...

You want to take care of your kids? Leave them several pounds of gold, and teach them how to deal with the other idiots.

After the Wiemar Republic collapsed, entire blocks of downtown Berlin ( a block of four story buildings! ) were bought for as little as 25 ounces of gold.

As for expatriation, the Philippines are good, and Panama has an excellent program for retirees. You can even buy and own firearms in Panama, in the PI your filipina wife has to "own" the guns.

Anonymous said...


YOU'RE FULL OF BULLSHIT Aaron. The funny thing is that you don't even know it and you believe yourself.

You are full of contradictions. You keep ranting about not being allowed to fulfull your full potential. That some business owner with their hiring policies is always in your way.

Yet, you never question the private ownership of businesses, that if they were democratically run you might have a better chance to enact your full potential.

You keep referring to your full potential as consumption rather than production. For you, your full potential is owning your own McMansion and driving your own expensive Mustang GT and it's all the liberals and moocher's fault if you can't make it happen.

For me, my full potential would be to build my own McMansion from scratch and my own Mustang from scratch and invent a better engine to run it faster and longer etc.

I want to build, develop, invent, not merely consume.

If your potential is so great, why don't you go on a deserted island and enact this individual potential.

Do you think you could have your McMansion and Mustang alone all by yourself on a deserted Island ?

You are the sum of your relationships with other people. The only way that you will have your McMansion and Mustang is if you are within the right team of people and together you form a high potential team that delivers results.

You have to unlock other people's potential if you want to have yours unlocked as well.

You're so selfish that you are limiting your own potential and you refuse to acknowledge that you need others to become all you can be, that you cannot become all you can be alone by yourself.

Well, other people are stuck too and their potential is locked. If they all have your selfish and absolute laissez-faire individualistic attitude, they will absolutely not want to unlock your potential until their own potential is unlocked.

So everybody is locked and everybody is blaming one another.

Somebody will have to step in and be the first to sacrifice himself to unlock other people with having any garantee that somebody will return the favor.

Mankind unlocks his full potential when he acts selflessly for a greater cause than his selfish self.

Had everybody thought that way, you would already have a super high tech McMansion on Mars and you would be driving a warp speed Mustang to another galaxy.

You don't see the big picture and how things are non-deterministic.

You think that economics are simple kitchen recipe.

You're the king of bullshit because you, SIR, are bullshitting your own self.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit? No it isn't. If you look at sex toys on Amazon, you will find that good ole American ingenuity goes into designing butt plugs.

Anonymous said...

Reading old novels, even from the 19th Century, you quickly learn that bullshitting was always present. Perhaps at lower levels, but it was there. It is the human state. Those who bullshit get the best jobs. Those who don't bullshit get hind teat.

Anonymous age 71