Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Problem Short Male Asian and MidEast Engineering Students Face When In America

This was a requested video, but I think it addresses a concern many of your Asian and MidEast brothers face when they get here, but there is no tutorial or wisdom to guide them.


Bob Smith said...

This isn't a problem specific to Asian or Middle Eastern men.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

"Brothers"?! lolz

These guys shouldn't even be here in the first place.

Anonymous said...

As someone who would *hire* a EE grad that worked to pay for his BS degree - I can't agree enough. Don't double down on that shit.

Get your resume out there and don't be afraid to move somewhere.

Most EE grads head for SF Bay and then get milked by the sharks there. Find a good gig in a lower-cost area and put that same work ethic that got you through school toward a real career.

beta_plus said...

If the person who paid for this video is reading, for $&%@! sake do NOT go to Ontario or Denmark.

It would be a good idea to avoid Denver as well.

You can overcome your height, but it's going to be much, much harder in those places.

Anonymous said...

I write from rural Mexico, where I am retired. No brag, because I am not in the market for women, married 38 years. But, at my age, and I get hit on by women nearly 50 years younger than I am.

I never thought until your recent posting. Maybe that is because at 5' 11" I am much taller than most men here.

We took a family picture when visiting my BIL in Cordoba a while back. The hot high school cheerleader from 1960 who isn't hot any more, asked what I was standing on. Nothing. I was that much taller than even the men of my wife's family.

But, also it is true that the much hated and boring Nice Guys are HOT here. They have way more Bad Boys than they need.

And, I am the guy who wrote some years ago on DGM-2 that in my opinion, American Women are collectively insane. That may seem harsh, but it is my honest opinion. They simply do not grasp reality.

I wrote that in my years in the US, I could only think of maybe 6 women who were totally sane. That is, of course, out of hundreds and hundreds of women I knew.

Of the 40 women here in Mexico in my neighborhood, at least 3 are totally sane. And, the other 37 cook; clean; scrub; wash clothes; take care of the kids, and either give their husbands sex when it is asked, or look the other way while he taps a neighbor girl.

Anonymous age 71

Sapiens Stultitia said...

"Brothers"?! lolz These guys shouldn't even be here in the first place.

... Says the child/grandchild/great-grandchild of immigrants. Pull you hear out Fogey. The same thing was said about the German migrants, the Irish and Scandinavians. The only difference is these guys are brown.

Thanks for the vid Cappy!

Anonymous said...

I'm a 5'11" woman who is happily married to an electrical engineer who is several inches shorter than I am. The height difference doesn't matter to me since I think that he's hot, extremely intelligent,funny, and a lot of fun.

Before I got married, I dated short men as much as I did tall ones. If a woman is going to discriminate over height, she's outrageously shallow and isn't worth your time.

Since you're out of college, I would check out organizations in your city that are devoted to particular things that you're interested in. If you like hiking, join a hiking group. If you like gaming, join a gaming group etc. Check out groups on Meetup. There have got to be some single women in those groups and a great way of developing a relationship is to have a common interest.

Avoid anyone who you find who has an any sort of -ism as an interest,or describes themselves with an -ist. They will be a painful bore to be around and will have a terrible attitude about everything.

Consider how traditional or non traditional you are before you get involved with a Western woman. If you're really traditional, you would be happier with a girl from back home since she would share the same customs, would know how to cook your favorite food,and would completely understand the nuances of your culture. If you're more flexible, it is possible to find a flexible Western women. You both would have to decide what is important to you and be prepared to make livable compromises that you're both happy with.

Since you're an electrical engineer, check out the local chapter of IEEE. You need to develop contacts with engineers who can tell you about job openings and could possibly recommend you to their employer.
You also get information about job openings across the country from IEEE.

Don't bother with a graduate degree,instead get licensed. It gives you more credibility in the market since you have the legal ability to be able to sign off on your design work. It also makes you more valuable to your employer which means a better salary for you.

I agree that it's supremely stupid to pay for a Disney Princess wedding. My husband and I eloped 31 years ago and we have a solid marriage. Every one of our friends who went for a fancy wedding ended up with an expensive divorce. Priorities people, priorities! Why handicap yourself financially for a couple of hours of let's pretend?

Anonymous said...

I'm 6'4", the tiny chicks(<5'4") still chase after me.

Bob Smith said...

That's why "date shorter women" isn't useful advice. Short women have no less demanding height standards than tall women do.

Anonymous said...

Two points.
You're right Bob, But I'm also Big(not fat) as hell. I am very polarizing though. Girls either really like me or hate me, which is good for me.

I would say that a m.s. in engineering can be good if you get it funded.

Tom the Impaler said...

As far as work is concerned, check in the oilfield. Wireline companies in particular.I used to work for century geophysical and tucker wireline services. They might not even exist any longer but their brethren do. Resistivity tools, sonic tools, compensated and uncompensated neutron and gamma tools, borehole mapping using XYZ Inclinometers and Deviometers. These were the bread and butter of the industry when I worked there. You got the degree you can learn these things too, and the oilfield is and probably always wil be BOOMING.

Tom the Impaler said...

Lol, Don't even try for an American woman.

Thai woman putting me off.

"Maybe you could go out with my sister"

Vietnamese woman putting me off

*avoids me until I take the hint*

American woman putting me off


so the whole fucking room can hear.

Duck dodge and hide from the American woman REGARDLESS of her facial features.

Unless of course you are a masochist.