Wednesday, March 12, 2014

When Daddys Let Their Daughters Major in Crap

Oh ouch.  The ending of this is so precious, yet so sad.

Well, remember fathers.  Keep letting your pwetty wittle pwincess major in what she wants.


TroperA said...

Porn stars are frequently narcissistic women who want fame and money in the quickest way possible. Once they find out it ruins their reputations however, they start whining about how sexually repressive the "Patriarchy" is or they try recruiting their friends into the industry.

This is an old documentary, but it seems more relevant than ever now:

Frontline: Death of a Porn Queen

Anonymous said...

Talk about attention whoring too. She goes on national TV to talk about how her whoring is paying for tuition. It's already bad enough for dad to find out just how big a whore his daughter is. It's a thousand times worse to have the entire world know about it.
Can anybody imagine a bigger slap in the face than to come home to that?

Copperhead Joe said...

54 year old doctor with bills like that buys a new $500k house with zero or near zero down?
I make 75% of what he makes, with exactly one mouth to feed, single and 44. I bought a $1500 rifle last week and thought it was a big deal. What a dope.
And $47k per year for the girl to major in womens studies?
He deserves everything he gets.

Black Poison Soul said...

Has anyone actually revealed what her Worthless™ Degree is in as yet?

Take The Red Pill said...

Seeing this, I am SOOOO glad that the girls I knew when I was young treated me like dirt and rejected me, because I have never married nor fathered children.
Remaining a childless bachelor and Going My Own Way is a great comfort these days! I just can't understand why more men aren't doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

"Miriam was a straight A ‘genius’ student. She was given the ‘Spokane Scholar’ in Foreign Languages during her final school year, 2012-13."

If she's a genius then I'm the second coming of Newton.

What a dumbass.

Duncan Idaho said...

Apparently she was offered a full scholarship to Vanderbilt. Some "energy" told her that she belonged at Duke.

I bet Vanderbilt was glad she didn't take the offer.

Probably doing a burnt offering to the "energy" right now.

Anonymous said...

@ Duncan Idaho:

If you're a woman, and you manage to have an A average in high school (which isn't too hard due to grade inflation) then you can make a wet fart on the admission letter and still get full scholarship.

Paul, Dammit! said...

Ugh- this hits close to home. I'm at sea 6-8 months a year- Thank Vishnu I have only my son, and he wants to follow in my footsteps... still, this sort of family breakdown comes with the territory of military or foreign service for men who try to 'have it all.' The odds of a breakdown like this are increased but still in a minority.

Did anyone else notice that the father spent 40k a year so his son could learn to play drums in college? I watched a monkey hitting a rock with another rock at the zoo last year. Could have saved that family $159,980.00 too bad.

This is, unfortunately a fantastic example of how important a 2-parent household truly is to the well-being of kids.

Jstanley01 said...

Just watched "The Girl Who Had Everything" on TCM, starring Elizabeth Taylor, William Powell and Fernando Lamas. About a single father who finally gets around to lovingly exerting his authority with his daughter -- and WINS.

Anonymous said...

womens studies everyone, and she says she wants to be a lawyer it said so in the article

Red Knight said...

Honestly, Capn, I think you are jumping the gun a bit on this in your eagerness for schadenfreude warm fuzzies.

This isn't a girl who got an expensive degree and found out it's worthless. She didn't start doing porn because her degree was worthless and unable to support her. She started doing porn because she didn't have the degree in the first place, and because getting one is expensive. She might well end up having whored herself in vain for a worthless degree, but for her immediate economic situation it would make no difference had she studied engineering or whatever, she'd still be years away from putting the most employable degree in the world to actual use.