Thursday, March 06, 2014

Thursday Night Linkage

What would Wendy Davis do? Oh, what this female politician just did!  Again, women are HORRIBLE with money.

How do you tell you're on the way to learning the truth?  When the Southern Poverty Law Center targets you and calls you a bigot.

The Truth About Abraham Lincoln - a heck of a podcast that changed my mind about the man and showed me how little slavery was part of the Civil War.

Man Ex reviews Bachelor Pad Economics and disagrees with me on a key subject.  Remember, if you write a review, let me know!

Annnnnnd then I wonder if the youth even deserve saving.  Bunch of brainwashed lemmings.


Dan said...

I agree with the Captain on this score. Many of the ACA drafters were from Harvard, and beyond the horrible drafting of that bill, their other publications are equally inarticulate. OSU has more alumni, and once one is in the real world, people only count about your most recent job. For that matter, it would be easy to claim to be from Harvard, since nobody ever bothers to check.

Phil Galt said...

Don't get me started on Davis. I loathe the idea, but I just bet my buddy $10 that Wendy Davis will be the next Texas governor. :(

Robert What? said...

Without a doubt, getting on the SPLC's list - the premier anti Christian, anti white, anti male hate group - is something to be proud of.

Curmudgeon EyeDoc said...

As for the anti-Lincoln's amazing how propaganda works. Any other world leader would have been a war criminal, but he won. Although he forced the CSA to play their hand, he outmaneuvered them, politically. It was only after being forced into a corner that the first shots were fired.

One thing the podcast didn't say (or I may have missed it), the Emancipation Proclamation was to make the war about slavery. This kept Britain out of the war.

Native Southerners don't even know what the armies of Lincoln did in their own states. An interesting book that sheds light on what the civilian population had to endure is Jack Hinson's One-Man War, A Civil War Sniper. Yankees where hated for 3 generations, afterward.