Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Day Linkage

That math and accounting thing is tough, huh sweetheart?

Some sociological observations from a bouncer about the night club scene.


TroperA said...

In the case of the publisher girl who stiffed her authors on their royalties, what do you want to bet someone blames the Republicans for not supporting ObamaCare (because Obamacare would have kept her from having to shell out all of her author's money to her parent's medical bills?) I'm sure someone will find a way to blame Old White Men for this woman's plight.

Will said...

Surprising no one - the mediocre female sci-fi author has got Scalzi as a white knight.

Anthony said...

Enh. She ran a business, when the economy turned bad, it failed. She declared bankruptcy.

Unless she's been printing books since the bankruptcy, she doesn't actually owe the authors anything: one of the risks you take in any extended business transaction is that the other party will go bankrupt and not pay you.

On the other hand, trying to get other people to pay back debts you don't legally have to pay back just feels a little icky.