Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Night Linkage

Google, Apple, and all those wonderful lefty west coast companies leftists love to love found behaving like a cartel.

Company looking to hire a "Diversity Analyst," but requires a DEGREE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE.  Talk about wasting perfectly good talent on a worthless political and ass-kissing endeavor.  Remember kids, corporations are not friends of capitalism.


Andrei H said...

Actually, what those companies agreed to do was not actively recruit each other's employees (it was still fine if the employees themselves looked for other jobs, it was just that the companies themselves wouldn't initiate it). I think it's questionable whether that was really "wage fixing" (a lot of people are screaming it was).

monster221 said...

jesus h christ! andrei H you are actually incorrect. several of the memos state that employees from named firms would not be considered even if they applied themselves. this is where i take issue.

it is one thing to agree not to aggressively recruit a competitors talent, which is equivalent to bidding up the value of an asset and resulting in it becoming overvalued (possibly; it might be true value due to true demand or it could be merely a financial attack on the competitor, in which case overvaluing will occur).

it is blatantly immoral however, to ignore said talent when they approach you of their own volition. this is definitely cartel-esque behavior. the only thing worse i can think of is companies outright negotiating and coordinating salaries with each other.

Anonymous said...

Not a total waste. Some chick will get the job. It's not like she wanted a career in programming code when she got that CS degree.

Angry Midwesterner said...

Our overlords got cocky. That is why they want to abuse the H visas

Anonymous said...

Perfect example of how capitalism is neither good nor evil, but a tool. With honorable wielders, it brings prosperity, growth and happiness to untold millions. With dishonorable, price-fixing scum, it does the opposite.

Andrei H said...

@monster221: Partly true. They agreed (at least Apple and Google) to not hire each other's management, marketing and sales people, but engineers (programmers) were exempt from this. Engineers were free to apply wherever they wanted, but still couldn't be cold-called.

The problem I see is that even those engineers are making a lot of noise about it, even though they were free to go wherever they wanted. Their argument is that not cold-calling decreased competition among companies, thus also decreased salaries.

Anonymous said...

It's impossible to buy a laptop or tablet it seems, without giving money to some leftist company.

"With dishonorable, price-fixing scum, it does the opposite."

Except we don't have real capitalism. There is so much fascism going on in this country making it difficult to even compete with many of these corporate giants, it just gives capitalism a bad name.