Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Night Linkage

When Hamsters meet Crusaders.

Everything that's wrong with American youth in one tweet. 

Like moths to the flame, girls go to tats.

Much ado about nothing.


TroperA said...

Today, John Wright posted an excellent essay on the mindset of leftists:

He basically posits that the leftist's vision of reality (based on unreality) is a drug to them--an addiction that few can escape. They believe the entire game of life is rigged in favor of the rich and socially conservative--ie: the people who work hard and have kids inside wedlock-- and that the only way to make things fair for everyone is to oppose the game and everything it values (elevating the ugly, the lazy and the profligate.) It's basically everything you've been saying (although you tend to blame leftist's actions on sheer laziness, this shows a darker and deeper pathology is at work. A literal form of self-destructive madness.)

TroperA said...

Not to keep bugging ya, but I just found this at FARK:

Because the only reason poor kids fail despite going to college is because of inequality, right?

Anonymous said...

I hate no fault divorce so much that I would cast aside my hardcore libertarianism to legislate that any party initiating a no fault divorce may not have sex or date anyone at anytime until said divorce has been completed.

Kristophr said...

Get the state out of marriage.

A private contract, and if wanted, a ceremony, should be the sum total of marriage.

If a woman does not have a contract before she gets pregnant, she has no support rights.

If a guy gets a woman pregnant without a contract, he has no parental rights.