Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why Marty Seifert is Mark Dayton

It is no secret I loathe Mark Dayton.  He embodies everything I hate about politics and politicians.

He never worked a real job, chose an easy major, didn't earn his money, and values himself more highly than the people of Minnesota because it's more important for him to run for office and become a senator or governor and have something to do rather than let a better qualified individual represent Minnesotans.  He is the embodiment of why government is ineffectual and the primary cause for the decline and decay in America today.

In 2014 Minnesotans have an opportunity to select somebody with leadership and real world experience instead of giving their Dayton-namesake trustfund baby brat another term for his hobby.  And naturally a pool of Republican candidates have formed.  Prominent among them is Marty Seifert, a man who's been a Republican regular on the scene.

He is no different than Mark Dayton.

Not in terms of being a trustfund baby (he isn't).
Not in terms of him having a naive political ideology (he doesn't).
And certainly not in terms of me loathing him (I don't, I rather like the guy personally)

But when it comes to work history, he and Mark Dayton are no different, and it is the primary reason the Republicans have gotten their assess handed to them time and time again in one of the most liberal states in the nation.

First, Marty is a career politician.  And worse, he is an ineffective career politician. He's too damn nice of a guy.  But Marty shouldn't take this personally. Pretty much every republican leader in Minnesota has been ineffectual playing the DFL's bitch for the past 50 years.  Regardless, his resume shows it.  The man has been running for office the day he graduated from college.  What kid is qualified to run for office fresh out of college?  None, really, but again, like Mark Dayton, it's not for the people, but for Marty he opted to run.

Second, a worthless degree.  Nothing says, "I don't want to work hard at life and think I should lead other people" than a young man telepathing it by declaring a political science major.  Mark Dayton's education major was no better, but again, I'm trying to point of the similarities to explain why Marty is going to be no better.

And finally, no private sector experience.  Marty's career is primarily running for office with a stint as a teacher (just like Mark Dayton) which is also not a real job.  Admitted, he's been in real estate now for a while and that sliver of experience is more than what Mark Dayton, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi have combined, but not enough to be effective in the governorship.

In short, Minnesota republicans have a choice.  Same ole same ole, in which case we will get the same ole same ole:

Wimpy, timid, meek Republican leaders constantly playing defense with the same old tired tactics


A candidate with private sector experience, real world experience, real leadership and somebody who's been a normal person that did something aside from "run for office."  And in this group there's more than one candidate running.

Dave Thompson (who in full disclose I know and worked with) has worked as an attorney, ran a business, and moonlighted as a radio show host on the side.

Scott Honours, who I've met has degrees in economics and business, but more importantly has been working in the private sector the entire time as a turn around specialist, buying and improving various businesses. 

THere are others, but the point is simply this:

If you want to have any success in changing Minnesota from a liberal state progressively drifting left to one you'd like to live in instead of think of moving out of, you can't keep nominating the same cookie cutter noob politicians. YOu need something different, you need somebody who is able to think outside of the box and strategize, you need somebody that's actually had to face real problems and real challenges.

Politicians like Dayton and Seifert don't have that experience.

Private sector candidates do.

Starting thinking like a Republican for once and turn to the free market for your solutions. Not the government or politicians.


Rick Caird said...

The problem is left the Republicans and more the Minnesota voters. Come on now, Al Franken and Mark Dayton? It is not even a funny pair.

August said...

Republicans do not turn to the free market. Republicans may be businessmen, but they are businessmen who sell to the government, and the politicians who are Republicans are politicians. Think about that. Politicians can only 'produce' if there is some sector that is not free. They have to take stuff from somebody else in order to give anything to you. Right now, think like a Republican seems to mean keep poking at Putin with a stick until he does something really awful. This pathetic little GOP deserves to die- technically they are the more evil party because they actually use more truth when they lie to us, while one could argue that the democrats are just straight up delusional.

Anonymous said...

Love ya Cap, but if you are still thinking in terms of the ballot box to 'right-the-ship' then you are just as delusional as the Lefties.

I'm a hard-core Right Winger, a little older than you are. I've seen what Reagan, Bush, and Bush II economic and tax policies did to me and my middle-class friends and neighbors. Same as the Clinton/Obama policies.

I'll give you and your readers the harsh truth in a single capitalized sentence: WHEN ANY IDIOT CAN VOTE, THIS IS THE GOVERNMENT YOU GET. (based on who they have to 'choose' from).

Democracy as the anti-christ is not far from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Both parties are shit and need to be dissolved. Plus Anon 6:44pm is dead on the long as the Idiots are allowed to vote we'll have governments full assholes like we have now!!