Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Night Linkage

I am once again intrigued by Islamic economics.  The idea of the abolishment of debt as well as rules imposed on traders in the 000's cause for an interesting study.

The latest Aurini podcast about heavy metal, philosophy, porn, suicide and other family-friendly topics.

Apparently 20 something American women do not watch "Hogan's Heroes" or "The Victor Borge Show."

It's called capital flight and it's a feature, not a bug, of socialism.  Also notice how they all are workers and contribute to GDP.  I'm sure a country of people who don't contribute to GDP will do just fine.


Bob Smith said...

Islam doesn't actually abolish debt or interest. Islamic banks buy things and sell them for more than they bought, with "payments" over time. It is economically indistinguishable from ordinary lending at interest.

Anonymous said...

A disturbing part of Islamic banking is the placement of fundamentalist imams and jihadist sympathizers on advisory boards for Islamic investment; also a certain percentage of the investment profits are funneled back into jihadist causes.
Islamic banking is one more push for Islamic supremacy. Now do I need to tell a jihadist joke to seem smarter?

Anonymous said...

Fyi - that last link is dead. Wonder if it was taken down to censorship...