Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Your Daughter Calls Me Daddy Too!

Dear American Fathers Without Spines,

Please continue to fail to raise your daughters properly.  We younger men need you to lie to your daughters about "follow your heart and the money will follow, Sweetheart" so they:

Major in stupid subjects
Go into crippling debt to do so
Can't find a job to pay their debts back
and are forced to become strippers, prostitutes and porn actresses.

Such desperation not only increases the supply of young, supple 20 something babes, but lowers the price we have to pay.

Your continued support of failing to be genuine real fathers to your "Precious Little Princess" is very much appreciated.


The Younger Men in America


leeholsen said...

guys that like a lot of cheap or feee sex got no complaints from the decline of the usa. women are easy, easily impressed and easily bought.

the sad news is only the guys with no real prospects will marry them, those with plans and determination will drop those women and find some good church girl when theyre ready to hang it up.

you asked for it, you got it.

Mark said...

The influx of girls into strip clubs is happening at the same time the industry is declining. Young women are more promiscuous so young men don't have to go to a club to see one naked. Old guys with money have more and cheaper escorts available due to the influx of women into that area so they don't go either. I enjoy just drinking, listening to the music and watching the girls dance so I go sometimes but there aren't many guys in my category. I can verify from talking to the girls there that there are a lot of girls with useless degrees in strip clubs. Also common is the girl who falls for the bad boy type and then turns to stripping when he runs off, leaving her with a kid or two to support.

Anders said...

There ain't no such thing as a "good church girl" when they're all born again virgins.

Anonymous said...

I went to a strip club not long ago. It had the fattest, most tatted up creatures I had ever seen in my life. I don't pity whoever taught them to walk on their hind legs.

Anonymous said...

doclove says:
The social mores make men in this case fathers into kitchen bitches to their wives in the USA. Many men can not stand up to this. Worse yet, the written laws or rules and the unwritten laws and rules coming from the government make men into kitchen bitches of their wives in the USA. Violence Against Women Act starting in the 1980s, No Fault Divorce starting in the 1960s and giving mothers the home and children while forcing fathers out the door in the 1860s(YES! That's right American civil War era 1860s in the 19th Century) will make men into Kitchen bitches or financially destroy them. For the record, I'm all for giving the daughter the talk as you, "Captain Capitalism" Aaron Clarey, state in your video. I'm all for cutting off the funds if she is being stupid, but like commenters on the youtube site said, sometimes mothers can divorce you fathers and force you to pay child support or tuition after the child turns age 18. One also noted that in New Jersey, one college aged female is suing her parents for university tuition. It may be rare as of now, but it does happen. More strippers is good. More prostitutes is better. More sluts is best. I advise and help those I know and care about with such information and would encourage you, "Captain Capitalism" Aaron Clarey, to do the same. Now that you've tried to help these unknown to you fathers out, please stop helping them as turning more women promiscuous is the best and maybe only thing to do to ENJOY THE DECLINE.

Aeroguy said...

The state of affairs certainly is interesting for those of us enjoying the decline. Sluts are great, if I wanted to truly check out I could just live off of sluts because with enough alpha you can literally have them pay your way. All the more hilarious when they have beta orbiters who they make pay for stuff. The drama and suicide threats do get old though.

In some cases it's actually gone full circle, in the young crowd the girls are dominating in school and the naive smart ones bought the same shtick about STEM being in demand that many of us bought and like us kept their noses too close to their books to ever slut around in the first place. Be the first to pull their book up and you have a golden opportunity. This is how I arrived at my current LTR, a tomboy who hid her femininity and was kept busy being a 4.0 student so she had never even kissed a guy until I came along. She has none of the sexual hangups of the "good christian girls" and bare minimum drama due to being able to reason thanks to STEM. Using my abundant masculinity to bring out her latent feminine side as I mold her is proving to be one of the most satisfying undertakings in my life.

What interesting times we live in, enjoy the decline everyone.