Saturday, March 08, 2014

Saturday Night Linkage

If you're going to stop smoking, don't do it cold turkey.  Somebody tell Aurini.

I love happy endings.  Don't you?

I will put a slightly different, but related spin on this.  Men will always find a way to say yes, women will always find a way to say now.  This is one of the many reasons for the earnings gap.

I am better than your kids. 

Cat fight amongst liberal women.  Moewroar!  In short this heffer is upset white women are using belly dancing which is I guess the preserve of Arab women.  I find it laughable because no man would want to see that oil tanker belly dance.


Anonymous said...

About that bitch who is forced to pay back $50k in child support because she had an abortion...

That isn't really a happy ending. The true happy ending will come when idiot judges give 50-50 split in child custody in no-fault divorce cases. He had to give 5k per month? That's insane! No way the cost of kids could be that much.

The absolute happiest ending would be if the culture and courts changed so that frivorce was no longer tolerated, and broken homes would be much rarer.

Just some guy said...

If a woman files for no fault divorce the father should automatically get custody. The results are in and women have proven that being raised by a single mother hugely disadvantages children. If women want to go their own way they should be free to but that shouldn't be a license to destroy children's future. If a woman claims that the father was abusive and it is shown that he in fact was not she should face jail time. If her family/friends file a false complaint they should have to pay huge financial compensation for the damage done to the man character. No person should be allowed to use bankruptcy to evade these payments. Take it out of their social security if that is what it takes. It is time to actually put children first and what is best for children is to be with their dad.

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for the linkage, Cappy Cap!

Emre Coşkun said...

Regarding the oil tanker:

It doesn't occur to her that she has herself engaged in "appropriation" by immigrating to a country founded by white Europeans.

Yet she gets offended because some white women belly dance.

QueenA said...

The writer of the anti-white belly dancing clearly hasn't seen Rachel Brice dance. There are no other belly dancers who come close to her brilliance.

Tom said...

Her assumption of "engaging in appropriation" is merely a non-normative paradigm from my cis-gender-centric perspective.

Seriously, I understand that Orwell's Newspeak is designed to control how people can express themselves and thus control what they express and how they think. But when I see this sort of juvenile blather in an article's sub-headline I'm not even interested in trying to understand what they are saying anymore.