Monday, March 03, 2014

The Epitome of "Spoiled American Princess"

Just can't make it up.  Just can't make it up.

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jg said...

The last line of the article is such great irony.

"White says New Jersey is one of only a dozen states that factor college tuition into child support calculations. However, that normally applies only during divorce proceedings, and this situation is more legally uncharted territory."

She basically might have a case only because of feminist greed as it pertains to child support and college tuition. Its meant to trap men but might trap the whole family. Talk about unintended consequences. Feminism strikes again.

Anonymous said...

TroperA said...

It sounds like the family had already set up a college trust fund for her and decided to deny her the money. Not sure if they can legally do that , if the fund was taxed and regulated like a college trust fund. (That money has to be used to fund SOMEONE'S college career...)

I can't say I have any sympathy for any of the people involved in this story. If the parents were any good, the girl would never have gotten this rotten in the first place. The fact that they set up a "college fund" (so Princess could go off and study Lesbian Inuit Poetry while being bukkake'd in the basement of the local frat house) is a fair indication of their level of intelligence.

It sounds like the girl's boyfriend's Dad was a slimy lawyer who smelled some profit potential and agreed to take the girl's case (expecting to be paid by the girl's family sometime down the road.) More proof that "becoming a lawyer" should be a crime punishable by being tossed into a stump grinder.

little dynamo said...

"I think she's got a lot of growing up to do," says a neighbor. "She's awfully empowered with delusional thoughts."

awful... empowered... delusional

hm... now, where o where could this Perfect Princess ever have gotten such thoughts?

perhaps the State, schools, neighbors, churches, media, and especially Daddy and Mummy, telling she and her Sisters over and over about how empowered and oppressed and superior and abused and entitled they are?

could that be how she became such a (predictable and inevitable) monster?

Amy said...

Our local talker spent an hour on this topic yesterday. Most callers were wondering the same thing I was: where does this stop?

If the court hears this case and the girl wins, precedent is set. Children can sue their parents for college tuition.

Will they be able to sue their parents for a car? For rent money in lieu of tuition should they decide not to attend college? For food and clothing?

And Christie wants to extend the school day and longer school year here, further removing parental influence on children's behavior. I can see, however, that parents are still expected to foot the bill for their offspring's continued decadence.

These parents, I'm guessing, thought they were making the right choice in sending their daughter to Catholic school (I'm a CS'er myself, never have you seen such depravity than from girls and boys in those prim uniforms). And I think they are right to deny her money to go to school. My own parents did when I started to screw around in my senior year. I took out loans and got jobs to pay for it, and it taught me, a hard and beneficial lesson in self-reliance and money management.

Anonymous said...

She could follow the precedent set by Belle Knox. After all, she is 18 and no longer underage.

Aynsley said...

This might actually be a stunt to get her legally emancipated. That's unnecessary after 18, right? Wrong. Until you are 26, colleges factor your parents income in for financial aid. If the judge declares her to be independent of her parents, her college will be forced to accept her income alone for financial aid.

This sounds like a racket, and it is. But anyone who has parents that are doing decently and want their kids to pay for college solo is getting set up for a headache. Merit-based scholarships are evaporating in favor of "need-based" aid.

That's actually the reason I went to the college I did. It was the only one that offered me a substantial merit-based scholarship. Most of my friends at that school were in a similar boat.

Dick Towel said...

Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease judicial system, throw this girl out on her ass and make her feel the consequences of her actions. If there is any good in the world, this will happen.

Torgo said...

"She's awfully empowered with delusional thoughts."

She's awful, all right.

Kristophr said...

Don't ever live in a socialist shithole like NJ.

In any other state ( even in California ) such a lawsuit would not have been filed for fear the defendants would sue the plaintiff's attorney for frivolous litigation.

kurt9 said...

The following thought occurred to me. There is increasing rhetoric, mostly but not entirely from the right, about a birth dearth and resultant demographic problem. It seems to me that, if this girl is successful with her lawsuit, it will simply ratchet up even further the costs of having kids and even fewer people will have them.

kurt9 said...

Does anyone want to bet on what this girl's major would be if she gets into college?

Just some guy said...

How is she different than a woman filing for no fault divorce that wants collect vanginamony?