Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Night Linkage

I have said before, and I 100% sincere about this, that if women were to lose weight in America that would increase economic production infinitely more than the trillions in Keynesian spending  because hot chicks incentive men, not government welfare checks.  And men are the primary producers and innovators of society.

Now if climate model programmers would just admit the same.

He's your boy, not your man.

Liberal arts majoring daddy's girls turn to prostitution to pay the bills.  BRAVO on the "fathering" spineless, emasculated males of America!  BRA-freaking-VO! 

Heee hee.!!!


Anonymous said...

I note that about 30% of the women on are looking for "sugar mommas" as well as "sugar daddys".

O tempora o mores!

Tom the Impaler said...

Surfing after watching "Every Major's Terrible" I found this and thought you'd approve.

Tom the Impaler said...

Or not, I finished listening to this after Hitting "enter" on the first post.

Robert What? said...

"He's your boy, not your man" is pretty intense. I don't know that I agree with his idealization of white men's relationships with their fathers. But the video is definitely worth watching. Very sad for a whole lot of young black men and boys. This is what 30 years of leftist policies have wrought on the black man.

Rick said...

I would only add to your first paragraph, "and have the feminine character that a man would want to marry and provide for."