Friday, March 07, 2014

Ladies, Think Twice Before You Declare Yourself a Feminist

Because it's not what you think:


Anonymous said...

I would be against the suffragists as well. They never had good intentions with their "right" to vote. They were only seeking to abuse the government to their favor at he expense of everyone else. Had they been born in a different time period, they would be right alongside Dworkin.

I have no problem not voting. It's only purpose now is to try and make the left fuck over the country a little less. And it's not working.

QueenA said...

Aaron, this is fantastic. I am going to add it to my latest blog. Just wonderful!

QueenA said...

Aaron this is fantastic! Going to add it to my latest blog. Just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

you know I've heard quite a bit of your feminists are all bitter because they are ugly and mostly I agree with you.

HOWEVER I invite you and your readers to look into the face of pure Evil.

not to bad looking if you can stand her actively talking about committing genocide.

that's not just ignorance not a good soldier following orders you understand that's a Nazi who gets their jollies shoving Jews into the ovens.