Tuesday, March 04, 2014

There's the Right Way and the WRONG Way to Do Your Taxes

New and TIMELY sponsor ladies and gentlemen.

Chad Elkin's 2014 Comprehensive Tax Guide.

You haven't done your taxes (and don't worry, neither have I.  I've been a bad economist).  But before you do consider purchasing Chad's book.  Though written for preparers, it is a great book for anybody concerned about their taxes, people who want to do their own taxes, and some helpful hints about dealing with the IRS.

Also, since may of you are the entrepreneurial type and starting your own business, don't be a dumbass and botch your taxes.  This is a MUST to make sure you're not one of those idiots while drinking at the bar with your buddies who says,

"Hey Mike, ask me about business!"

"How's business!"

"It's good!  HEY!!!  I get to write off the tab!!!!"

You don't need a degree in accounting, just this book.

So go forth and purchase.  It's cheaper than a bottle of premium beer and will be much better for you.


Robert What? said...

This is just an interesting tidbit but there is actually no law that says you have to pay your federal income taxes. After the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, Congress never codified it into law, and it remains that way even today. It is all purely regulations issued by the IRS, but not backed up by any laws.

Matt said...

One of the co-authors of this book is a hardcore, committed, left-wing progressive who is probably more than happy with a 4 million word tax code.

Just something to think about before you give them $5 or $12 for this book.

JNorth said...

It is, however, backed up by federal agents who will kill you if you resist them taking all your shit for not paying your taxes.

Robert What? said...

Yes. The IRS agents don't care about the law, or lack thereof. Interesting though that Congress never got around to that. Wonder what the reasons were.

Unknown said...

Matt - I'm the primary author. What are you talking about? Why would I be paying for sponsorship this blog if I was a "hardcore, committed, left-wing progressive"? You couldn't be more wrong about my co-author and I if you tried.

Kristophr said...


The only winner of such a case was an man in Arkansas, who won through jury nullification.

Everyone else has gotten reamed.

Good luck with this project.

Captain Capitalism said...

Yeah, I don't know a lot of CPA's who KNOW the tax code and KNOW how much people pay that are marxists.

Robert What? said...

Kristophr, what project? As I pointed out it is just an interesting tidbit of information with no real practical purpose. But if anyone ever says to you "you must pay your taxes because it's the law" they'd be wrong. However since judges are also paid by tax money, they are fairly hostile to that that line of reasoning.