Saturday, March 08, 2014

When Myopic MBA Douchebags are Put in Charge

You get idiotic decisions like this.


Xoph said...

Sorry, as a MBA I recognize a lawyer when I see one. As long as grieving family members can successfully sue the OEM for their loved ones stupidity this thing will happen. Put the blame where it is due.

Faithless Cynic said...

Nothing new under the sun my Captain. For a fascinating look at General Motors managerial screwups in the seventies, Google " Chevy Vega Problems " The Chevy Vega would rust completely through within two years and the engine would die at 40,000 miles. The Vega was the best thing that ever happened to Toyota :-)

Kristophr said...

Sell them overseas then.

If a collector wants to re-import them, it is his problem.

Just some guy said...

This is essentially the gun control debate with cool cars. Criminals misuse cool useful item, so we have to destroy the cool items, not punish the criminals. To believe that Chrysler is responsible for accidents caused by the theft of their property is the height of socialist thinking.

SM777 said...

I consider Chrysler's decision a very wise way of doing business.

Anyone can see how sue-happy the general population is. This situation is also aggravated by the ambulance-chasers.

It's simply a litigant version of CYA. I'm guessing that the Chrysler management is thinking, "If the public doesn't like it, they can complain to the lawyers waiting to sue us in connection with these cars".

There is a famous phrase I first heard about in grad. school,(regrettably MBA - 1991); "Just because you are not paranoid doesn't mean that there is no one out to get you".

Even though I don't approve of their products, I do applaud Chrysler for this sensible business decision.