Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Because Your Children Won't Read

That's why we converted "Worthless" into an audio book.

Because not only do I not like to read, but most kids don't like to read.  So if you are still having trouble convincing your child not to major in a stupid subject, make it easier by merely just downloading this and playing it in the car as you drive your child to K-12 prison...errr..."school."


Anonymous said...

Correct if you plan on only working in your home country and have no plans to work in a field with an international component. But dead wrong if you are going into finance, law, or any other area where the opportunity to work abroad or with foreign clients may arise.

Foreign languages, assuming you choose the right language for the right reasons, are as legitimate an area of study as STEM. Unlike the liberal arts, studying a foreign language actually results in you acquiring a marketable skill upon graduation.

Bike Bubba said...

My take is that if a kid won't read a short book about how to avoid worthless majors, that's indication #1 that they don't belong in any four year college, even as a janitor.

Anonymous said...

Gasp! I absolutely agree with Bubba. One for the books, but he is right on with that opinion.

Some years ago, Rush Limbaugh said one day that anyone who can't get a college degree without borrowing money from the government will most likely not be able to do anything with it.

At first I thought Rush was being dumb, but after it soaked in, I realized he made all the sense in the world.

By the way, that first comment seems to belong on the foreign language posting. Just saying.

Anonymous age 71