Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Captain Beats Out Ivy League Schools' Economics Departments

At an Ivy league college I took two semesters of economics - "micro" and "macro" economics, all of which turned out to be crap. Wish I saved some money on those courses, as well as some sanity, and read this book instead.

Well, that is because the Ivy League's economists are not gifted with SAEG (TM).

Regardless, yes, my book is only $27 ($10 on Kindle) while two Ivy Plague econ classes will probably set you back $10,000 and 200 braincells. 


Anonymous said...

Yes! Buy it! I have purchased all of Aaron's books except the "Shitting Buffalo" (up in my part of the boonies it is shitting moose) and they are all good. I bought two copies of "Bachelor Pad Economics", one for me and one for my 19 year old step-grandson. Aaron is very good but somewhat dour. If you want a laugh with your economic wisdom, buy Thomas Sowell's book on economics. Not to abuse this blog - buy Aaron's book first. But Sowell will give you the giggles when he shows why, for instance, controlled rents are devastating for the poorest renters - definitely for the Schadenfreude crowd.

Anonymous said...

Try 10,500 to audit ONE finance course at university of Chicago. I declined to grace them with my presence.