Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Divorcing Women with Horses, My Little Pony, HR Diversity Broads Realize They Need Math...


in this latest podcast of The Clarey Podcast!

(language warning - the topics were just impossible to address without cursing)


Anonymous said...

Ron Reagan managed to groom a horse without getting divorced - amazing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEv1Igiz6-o

John D. said...

I had a perfectly normal backpack and got beat up almost every day at school. Grayson would probably get beat up in any case, and if not him, someone else would. This is intrinsic whenever people are forced to be together where they don't want to be. The solution is to end government schools.

Grayson will remember the beatings and vote against school bonds because he knows schools are evil. Maybe he will run for office someday and gut their funding. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I am glad he is standing up to the school because the administrators will always be in the wrong as long as education is compulsory.

Kristophr said...

You can fly with a pistol.

Get a pistol sized pelican case, and keyed luggage locks.Put the unloaded pistol and a box of ammo in the case, keep the ammo in the original box it was sold in.

Do notuse TSA locks, you are not allowed to use those on a gun case.

You need to tell the airline at the ticket counter that you have a gun in checked bags. They will want you to make sure it is not loaded, and put a card in the case saying you checked it. Then lock it up. They may want you to carry the case to the TSA baggage check area.

Leave the empty pelican case in your rental car, or in an airport locker.

Kristophr said...


Horses are OK if you have a ranch or rural property, or have lots of money.

Reagan had both.

Anonymous said...

One of your better pod casts..appropriate levels of swearing used. Great for us to listen to who have to suffer under the corporate fem cunts and mandates.