Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Latest Episode of The Clarey Podcast

My apologies in advance, but it had to be done from the field and the audio quality is just fine, the background noise is what makes it marginal.  But still brilliant economic and sociological observations can be found.


Kristophr said...

Off topic but hillarious:

Obama has decided to use his exemption power in exactly the same way Mitt Romney promised to ... the affordable care act is now dead until 2016.

Look at reason 14 for requesting an exemption from the tax penalty:

( Nelson Muntz ) "Ha! Ha!" ( / Nelson Muntz )

Kristophr said...

Pragmatic countries have a citizen's militia.

Want to vote? Stay off welfare, and show up once a month for drill and target practice with your assault rifle.

Cheap and effective.

Kristophr said...

Cats consider themselves your equal.

Dogs want to be part of your pack, and consider you to be an alpha pack member ( unless you are an idiot who lets the dog run your house ).

Dogs have also learned to read humans, an unusual ability.