Friday, March 07, 2014

Target Fires Their Affirmative Action Hire

Former Target CIO Jacob, [female] who holds an MBA, began her career with Target in 1984 as an assistant buyer in Target’s department store division, Dayton’s, for two years. She was hired by Target in 2002 as director of guest contact centers, and named vice president, guest operations in 2006. 

Emphasis mine.

Question lieutenants, economists, agents in the field and chillllldlren!

Why would a large corporation promote a person with

NO IT experience,
an "MBA,"
and an expertise in "guest services"




Oh, that's right!  It begins with an "A" and ends with "ffirmative Action!"

Well at least they had diversity at Target Corp and that's definitely worth a cool billion!

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Unknown said...

I have found MBAs are worthless.

Blinding Buddha said...

Cappy! It does not surprise me that they do that! I think that if the person has the skills to be a CIO then give it to them. But if the person is a CIO and has no skill and was picked up because of her skin color? Then that is wrong in all levels! She did not even have a Computer Science degree?

I believe that skills are the decision maker and not skin color! Maybe that is why Target got their database broken into!

Kristophr said...

CIOs are supposed to be long time data center professionals.

Not Peter-principled HR bints.

After that data breach, it does look like the stockholders demanded a pro for that slot.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Jim Rowader ?

Had I been his guidance consellor I would have advised him to become a super villain actor. He has the face to play Frankenstein, monsters, evil alien enemies etc.

He became a lawyer instead and worked for Target to maximize employee productivity and help the company avoid lawsuits.

He would have made superb supervillain in movies.

Since he so much likes to play in cheesy anti-union corporate movies, he could have become famous for his evil face.

What a loss to us all.

Anonymous said...

Being in IT for 30 years I agree with the article about the need for a Chief Information Officer and a Chief Information Security Officer because there is always a conflict between enabling access and protecting the business.

And they both had better have training and long-term operational experience in IT.

kurt9 said...

Now I understand why Target had such a huge security breach with customers' credit card information late last year.

Eric S. Mueller said...

I used to work in an organization where someone got the bright idea to "diversify" IT and bring in non-IT people to work in IT roles.

Needless to say, having former HR people trying to manage IT projects was very frustrating.

We also had an "Enterprise Architect" who knew as much about Enterprise Architecture as the people who gave her that role. When we merged with another organization, the CIO discovered she knew nothing about that role and took the title away from her. They still left her to ineffectively manage the PMO.

Anonymous said...

Target is one of best large corps at playing the PC game. Her hire is just another example of their pandering bullshit. A pathetic socialist, pussy, hierarchy running that ship!

GregMan said...

I'll bet the regular IT people (i.e. the ones who actually had to do the work) kept bringing up the lax security, and this babe kept blowing it off. She may even have fired some of the complainers.

Karma's a bitch, especially if the boss is one too.