Friday, March 28, 2014

Finally Home Linkage

Molyneux has an absolute must of a podcast.  You can listen to it this weekend.

Another person picks up on what I've been saying for about a decade now - worthless degreed people end up going into politics and this is why you have incompetents like Trudeau and Obama in office.

Aurini finally gets off his ass and does a podcast.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you included Trudeau. He's as big a farce as his father was who raped western Canadians of there life blood in the eighties

PeppermintPanda said...

The core problem, in my opinion, is that these people are status seeking while lacking the talent, skills, or work ethic to achieve this status through conventional means. The degrees they get have little real value, but they still have some status associated to them; even an English literature degree allows someone to pretend to be a writer or expert on writing.

When these people graduate and discover that they're nothing special they seek out status in other ways. I regularly see people like this at startup events in my city, and they don't seem to understand why no one wants to work with a 25 year old with no skills or experience; especially when the only thing they bring is generic ideas for businesses.