Monday, March 03, 2014

Late Night Monday Linkage

It's "Moderate Muslim Monday!"

At anytime American conservatives could wield immense political power if they simply boycotted Hollywood, Coke, and now Apple.  But that would just inconvenience your cute SWPL, cookie cutter suburanite lives wouldn't it?  Please breed so your children suffer you're complacency.

Speaking of boycott.


Kristophr said...

Smartest boycott I've seen in a while.

Just ruin the ending with massed spoilers. Simple.

I think Glen Beck started this.

Ryan said... not related, but this is something you should read

dustydog said...

Change 'boycot' to 'vote' and you might be on to something.

Anonymous said...

I read a report of a scumbag who forced two tourists to strip naked, stole their wallets and then shot them. I can't say that I would oppose that kind of justice for someone like that.

kurt9 said...

I avoid watching television (and haven't been to cinema in 6 years), don't drink Coke (I prefer Pepsi the few times I do drink soft drinks), and don't own an Apple product. I certainly do not own any Apple stock, as I considered it overvalued as it is.

I think boycotting these products is relatively easy.

Anonymous said...

I believe it's spelled "UR complacency".

Anonymous said...

Cappy, I'm on board with 2 out of 3, but must have missed the Coke issue(s) while traveling. Please advise me of Coke's sins so I can be an informed boycotter ...I'm going to miss that magic elixir in my rum and rye, but if it will save the country I'm up for it. So ...what evil has Coke been up to?

Anonymous said...

Who cares where Apple gets its energy when it's the most wasteful company in terms of manufacturing philosophy?

Small moves are only for liberal feel goods. Inquire where it matters, and it'll HURT!