Monday, March 03, 2014

When OWS Became the Banksters

Two groups of people I wish we could arm heavily and have them duke it out like the Nazi's and the Communists would be the OWS protestors and the banker scum.  Give them whatever they want, arm them to the teeth, throw in some good chemical weaponry for good measure, and let them go at in in the New Mexican desert.  It would be like two forms of cancers fighting each other in a human body.  But whereas I passionately loathe each group for different reasons, the OWS camp is about to add "hypocrisy" to their own list.

Welcome the "I majored in debt" meme.

If you don't know what this latest meme is, it's akin to the "I need feminism" meme where idiotic college students put together videos whining about their student loan plight.  They have $40,000 in debt, $50,000 in debt, $75,000 in debt, and (surprise, surprise) they asking you me and all the other responsible, productive taxpayers to bail them out with HR 4170 (the Student Loan Forgiveness Act).

There's just one major problem.

Aren't these college students asking for the US taxpayer to bail them out of their stupidity just like the bankers did with TARP?

If you look at the two groups (OWS/lefty students and banker scum) they're the exact same.

1.  They did absolutely no research to assess the value of their investments
2.  They borrowed huge amounts of OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY to make said investments
3.  And when said investments didn't pay off they went crying and whining to the taxpayer to bail them out

The only difference is that OWS/lefty students never made any attempt to be profitable in the first place.  If you watch the videos you'll notice damn well near 100% of them all majored in some worthless touchy feely liberal arts BS.  They treated it like a  hobby and are "shocked, SHOCKED" they can't find a job with a Masters in Hatewhitemale Studies.  Worse still, they have absolutely no shame about it.  They don't blame themselves for their lazy decision to choose an easy major, they don't blame their parents or teachers/counselors for the crappy guidance they received, and in true brainwashed and programmed-dolt fashion fail to see the irony when they come running us for a bail out.

What the "I Majored in Debt" meme ultimately shows is how the Millennial generation has followed their Gen X and Baby Boomer predecessors in failing to grow up and become responsible adults.  However, they've taken it to a whole new level. They've perfected the art.  They're not even cognizant of the incredible mistakes they're making, how those mistakes cripple their futures, and STILL have the attitude of entitlement and "somebody has to do something about this!"

Sadly for them the socialist experiment has run out of money.  Not only are there no jobs (because they voted for an anti-business, anti-capitalism government), but what money is being spent is not being spent on them.  Instead, they are the victims of their own socialist machinery.  The government, education industry, and politicians LOVE liberal-arts majoring children because these child-sheeple are the only ones idiotic enough to take out hundreds of billions of dollars in student loans and give it to their leftist-socialist professor indoctrinators.  It may disgust you that adult-children are asking for your money, but it is the perfect example of where "Worthless" meets "Enjoy the Decline."  So pour yourself a drink and sip away as you enjoy the schadenfreude warms fuzzies as reality hits these useful idiots upside their heads. 


LSX said...

I say let HR 4170 pass, because it will ultimately destroy the higher indoctrination, erm, "education" system.

Student loan forgiveness is going to make all of those student-loan backed securities ultimately as worthless as the degrees they funded.

When banks get hit with that reality, they are going cut off the funding for useless degrees immediately. This in turn, will sink the university system and its loyal corps of PC commissars and nomenklatura like a salvo of supercavitating torpedoes.

The only programs that are going make it to the lifeboat will be STEM degrees.

Paul M said...

One relevant difference is that the kids were sucked into taking those loans when they were - well - kids. They weren't 50-year-old businessmen who should have known better.

kurt9 said...

I agree that HR 4170 would kill the privately funded student loan business.

Aeroguy said...

Millennials don't have the voting power boomers do or else this would be a done deal. I think they'll put measures like this out like a carrot on a stick to keep millennials voting for the party of free stuff and blame the stupid party when it "surprise" continuously doesn't pass. Bonus points since it causes the STEM millennials who do pay off their loans to be more sympathetic to the stupid party and make another left right divide. Just a tactic to keep them in establishment stadium rooting for team red or blue. It will probably work too.

Paul, Dammit! said...

This is a fantastic argument for merit- and -creditworthiness-based student loans. Offering loans based on the applicant's potential ability to pay them back would justify again making student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy... and return humanities and language arts degrees to their rightful place in education hierarchy, as a finishing school for those who can afford it.

Anonymous said...

Last I checked, the Feds took over all (or nearly all) of the student loans. Do private loans even exist anymore?

That's the basis for Obama's "work for the Government for 10 years and we'll forgive your debt" deal -- just more indoctrination funded by wealth transfer.