Monday, March 03, 2014

Why the "Oscars" Are Purely an AARP Baby Boomer Affair

When growing up my mom made it seem that the Ms. America pageant and the Ms. World pageant were important.  She also made me think that the Oscars were somehow important.  Matter of fact every major television event was deemed to be important because...


television said so.

And so there I sat, for reasons unknown to me, watching dutifully the various pageantry and pomp along with 200 million other doltish Americans.

But as I grew up and realized I had more pressing matters (food, clothing, shelter, friends, life, etc.) things like the Ms. American Pageant, the World Series, the Superbowl, and the Oscars went to the wayside and I don't think I could name one team/person/actor that ever won or were nominated.

Fast forward 20 years and the Oscars have become something like your appendix:

It may have served a purpose at one point in time in the past, but it no longer does now.

And that criticism can be levied against pretty much every form of "award" or "trophy" since the boomers took over.

Take for instance the "Nobel Peace Prize."

What a laughable joke that has become.

It would be more aptly named, "Prize given to leftists that other leftists in Scandinavia like and will use to reciprocally politically masturbate one another and we don't give two flying f#cks about peace."

"Teacher of the year" anybody?  Yes, you championed socialism and brainwashed little children to vote the way they need to to ensure your pension is funded.  They have no skills, they have no talent, and you are laughably not a REAL educator, teacher, or mentor, but hey, you towed the socialist line the best, so let's lie to the people and call you "teacher of the year."

And what obsoleted "honor list" would not be complete without that veritable worthless rag Time Magazine.  Yes, their "Person of the Year" award.  How galactically vain, retarded, stupid, pointless, political and other adjectives I can't use because it's "No Cursing Week."  Yes, if you want to know your career is over, just look to see if Time Magazine has published something about you.

In short, the premier societal prizes and awards that were given to people of genuine competence and skill have been completely co-opted by political forces to use as a tool to fool Americans into thinking they are wrong, their tastes are wrong, and perhaps even bigoted and racist.  That society is much more hip and classy than the average American really is, and you are just a rube, a noob, and a hick if you don't believe "12 years a Slave" is the greatest movie ever. 

The truth is these are all false trophies, all false prizes, and are nothing more than propagandist tools.  The Oscars, the Nobel Peace Prize, Time's "Entity of the Year" and the Pulitzer no longer have any meaning, veracity, worth, merit or relevance.  They have been co-opted and corrupted by the baby boomer's AARP/leftist/political arm and are about as relevant and purposeful to society as the people advocating them (worthless).

So when you're asked this week to attend an "Oscar" party by an aging 50 something, or somebody comments on who the latest Pulitzer prize winner is, or somebody says, "my goodness, did you see who Time declared person of the year!?" do yourself and your generation a favor.  Pat them on the head.  Fetch them some Metamucil, and be thankful these pointless, self-serving and aggrandizing "prizes" will go the way of the dinosaur in about 20 years.

Because by that time the generations that are alive will have much more pressing financial and economic matters to attend to and won't be able to afford to worry about what meaningless award a group of leftists concocted, created, and awarded to themselves.

Enjoy the decline!


Paul, Dammit! said...

I dunno, Cap. I believe that the awards shows will continue to have decreasing relevance, but I also believe that they will become more numerous as the aging, vapid hollywood set approaches senescence.

Thorfinnsson said...

Hollywood has been pushing communism on America for generations. This isn't clear to us looking back due to the movement of the Overton Window.

I also disagree that the Oscars are purely an AARP Baby Boomer affair based on personal experience.

I am a 20-something man living in Chicago. Many if not most young women I encounter are obsessed with the Oscars, and Oscar parties are a big thing.

Two anecdotes from last night. One is that the corner 7-11 was sold out of cheap white wine. Two is that the neighborhood bar I went to enjoy a drink at in the evening was playing the Oscars with the sound on. 20 and 30 something women in the bar were glued to the screen.

Awards aren't a bad thing per se, even if I agree with you on the Oscars. Reputation is the most valuable coin for many people and is a good way to incentivize performance without money. I personally was very happy to win awards in athletics when I was younger for instance.

Anonymous said...

Last night was about my 16th anniversary of not paying attention to the Academy Awards.

I just can't work myself up to caring about an industry populated by people who hate me.

I use the nomination list as a guide to see what's on bittorent.
Give them nothing and starve the beast.

Anonymous said...

fresh news2:
after Swedish feminists laws, British copy them

UCSPanther said...

When they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to that criminal Yasser Arafat back in the 1990s, any respect I may have had for it died right there.

Goober said...

Yeah, I doubt that the Boomer's parents gave much of a damn about prizes and the like when they were fighting throught he great depression and then through North Africa, Italy, and France.

In a similar vein, I think that our generation will have more important things to attend to, once the Boomers' pensions come due and we're on the hook to fund them all.

Might be a little too busy slaving away so that they can have their "human right" of a thirty year paid vacation starting at the time of their most productive years and ending sometime around their death.

Anonymous said...


Women typically watch these things for the glamz. That will always be the residual draw, but these things have lost a lot of their luster. Most people won't see anything of the garbage nominated-- since none of them speak to anyone's aspirations or fears-- it is just...nothing. The "stars" don't arouse any particular admiration or excitement (wee! Cate Blanchett! our generation's... 10th rate Hepburn?). They can't even get the production values right-- Ellen was reportedly a disaster.

It's all going to tv anyway... Hollywood is going to be as economically and creatively important as plastic processing within ten years...

Stephanie said...

Every month there is a big awards ceremony for celebrities. Outside of laughing at Jennifer Lawerence being a klutz or the Poor Leo meme, I could care less.

Aeroguy said...

None of those awards were ever good, at best a circle jerk but mostly pushing agendas since they were created. They're incentives, tools for the PTB to shape behavior, and establish what's double plus good, merit has always been perpendicular to their purpose. Even the Nobel prizes in fuzziness, Nobel was a guilt riddled leftist who accidentally did something useful and established his prize to crusade on his behalf to ease his guilt, in that sense it's been very successful.