Sunday, January 19, 2014

A B.A. in "Special Snowflake Studies"

Here's the original piece.

And here's the commensurate ripping apart of her degree in (are you ready for it???)

Political Science and Food.

Randye, if you're reading this, please let me do you a favor and mail you a book you might like.  It may spare your future children from making the worst mistake in their lives.  And I'm not joking.  You are unconsciously harming your children's financial futures.

Also, a video for all of you parents who can't understand why your kid at the age of 23 constantly needs more of your money.


Just some guy said...

Don't worry it is her daughter, she has lots of fallback positions. Marry a rich beta have him pay off her debts and then take away his future with a frivorce. Cash in on the welfare state, file a bogus sexual harrassment complaint and lawsuit. The world is her oyster.

Unknown said...

With a doctoral thesis of the impact of cisgendered privilege on the politics and culture of food eaten from baskets that were woven underwater.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this article on Linkedin:

"She's Doing An Elite MBA For Under $1,000"

She's not actually going to get the piece of paper diploma, but she has figured out that you can take all of the classes.

Getting the knowledge only costs her $1,000.

Getting that piece of paper to certify she has the knowledge costs $100,000.

Unknown said...

I read James Michener's "Caravan" some years ago (I think it was written in the early '60s) and the author wrote about a young girl with a degree from some small, expensive liberal arts college. Michener wrote she was good at English, poor at philosophy and a catastrophe at math. He said she was typical of the girls from those colleges.

Anonymous said...

Political Science and Food? That's an excellent degree - for a woman who intends to become a call girl.