Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The One Post That Did More for Women Than All of Oprah's Blathering

Here it is.

Of course, the wisdom in this post is nothing new.  The real issue is the psychology that prevents women from actually following it.  This psychology has been hardened to the point of imperviousness with feminist ideology, socialism, and a media applauding girls/women without any of the commensurate and required achievement in life to warrant such applause.  Ergo, our efforts should not be merely to highlight the simplest of things women can do to improve their lives (not to criticize the post), but rather to employ tactics that change their prohibitive psychology and deprograms their brainwashing.  Namely:


"OH that's so MEAN!"
"Oh that's so MISOGYNIST!"

No, it's the ultimate form of love and care - truth, aka "tough fatherly love."

What's truly misogynist is lying to women while claiming to help them merely to profit financially like Oprah, the media, the democrat party, and professional feminists have.

Enjoy that decline, ladies.  Enjoy that freaking decline.

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