Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mongoloid, Negro, Oriental, 1980's Words

I cannot claim the original observation of this as it was Stefan Molyneux that did, but in one of his podcasts he adamant insisted on referring to mentally impaired people as retarded.  He validated this preference because he said it was the 5th reincarnation of the noun used to politely refer to retards.  First it was mongoloids (I had to look it up) then it was retards, and now it's mentally impaired.

The same eggshell-mine-laying has occurred in other groups of American people.

When I was being brought up "black" was a perfectly acceptable way to refer to blacks.  Just as "whites" are still a perfectly acceptable way to refer to "whites." But then the effeminate, pansy, thin-skinned, professional-victim groups got in and turned it to "negro."  Mullato (for half white, half black), to "African American."

Even the Asians are getting in on the deal.  I lived a block away from a hotel called the "Occidental."  Not until I looked that word up did I realize it simply meant "westerner."  So "oriental" means "easterner."

Talk to any college "educated" Asian today and they're brainwashed to think "oriental" is a racial term.

So here is what I want to convey to all the groups of all the peoples of all the races of all the victim classes.




I'm done.

And not only am I done, I think most white males or the "non-victim/whinny" classes are done.

I look at all my predecessors and all my contemporaries dancing daintily and pansifiedly around the purposely laid-down eggshell mines, kowtowing to your every whimsical and irrelevant wish to "not be offended" and I'm disgusted.  Not only am I disgusted with their lack of spine, I'm vomitously repulsed by your cowardice.

Me uttering a descriptive word that was perfectly acceptable 10 years ago that a bunch of commie, socialist, media, academian decided to purposely repurpose for political/victimhood advantage that "now" offends you,


and I want you to listen


i don't care if you're offended.

Because you're not.  You really aren't.

You're a cowardly, weak, sad, pathetic individual that hides behinds your (choose one)

sexual preference,

etc. etc.

that insists on making the rest of the world dance on eggshells so you can constantly play the victim, fake being "oppressed" all to merely provide the weak rationalization to steal other people's money under the bogus pretenses of "oppression" or "discrimination."

And I for one am no longer playing your game or dancing to your tune.

You're black?
Guess what!
I'm calling you black.

You're a retard?
Guess what!
I'm calling you a retard!

You're Asian!
Guess what!
I'm calling you Asian...because (truthfully) "oriental" has more syllables and isn't as efficient.

Now if you take umbrage to this or find it insulting or somehow "oppressive" go file your complaints with the Department of I Don't Give a Shit and wallow in your own self-pity.  Perhaps you can find some simpering 25 year old female liberal arts masters candidates that will sympathize with you.  Perhaps you can find some pansified, white males constnatly begging for forgiveness for the sin of being born white and male.  They're so weak-minded they actually believe they've unintentionally "discriminated" against you with poppycock like "male/white privilege."

In the meantime me and all the real men who will genuinely judge you by your character will continue to use the language we were brought up with and refer to you accordingly.

You are black.
You are oriental.
You are retarded.
You are indian.
You are dames.
You are hispanic.
You are whatever.

If you take offense, then you may want to consider if you hide behind traits you did nothing to earn and use it as an excuse to carry your own weight in society, as opposed to people who don't care how they were born, but instead define themselves by their accomplishments in life.


Karl said...

I have found that calling Liberals "Communists" is more PC these days.

(At least it is with the people I choose to interact with....)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All of these controversies (over terminology) resulting in feigned outrages are nothing more than the simple act of supplicating YOU for THEIR advantage.
It's that simple.
It is a means to seek advantage over you by making you feel inappropriately "guilty" and then extracting concessions.
These concessions are usually something akin to "I want ahead of you in line" or "I want your money" or "I want you to make my like easier by having your kids education diminished by making your children sit next to my drooling retard because I want to pretend I don't have a retard".
These tactics when used against you also reveal those that are your enemy.

eShamus said...

I'm with you 100%, tiny!

Peregrine John said...

Been trying to convey that last paragraph to endless hordes for many years. Nicely done.

Along a similar line, I'm done with guilt porn and grievance porn. Done. Done dooby do done done. Don't care, haven't for ages, and have given up on looking like I do. This, for all the reasons given in the post.

Anonymous said...

Black is a skin color. A much more useful description than "African-American". Even blacks can't tell you what that means.

Anonymous said...

"Kowtowing"? The PC police have been notified.

Unknown said...

I refer to retards as "the Short Bus people."

Joe Bar said...

College educated Orient...errrr Asian guy here. I don't know who decided "Oriental" was racissssss, but it sure wasn't me.

Then again, I a certifed Twinkie (yellow on the outside....).

Paul, Dammit! said...

I've been using "Mongoloid" more and more, ever since I got a finger wagged at me for calling one of my employees a retard. With my Boston accent, calling someone a 'retahd' sounds more compelling, but Mongoloid works.

Anonymous said...

"Retarded" is itself a PC euphemism, though it dates back to before PC became mainstream. It suggests that the moron or idiot is merely being "held back" and will at some point accelerate and catch up with people who are not morons nor idiots.

Some chance!

Anonymous said...

The "Asian" thing has always bothered me. Asia is the biggest and most populated continent, so using it as a term is pretty useless as a descriptor. I think it became popular because in the U.S., "Asians" were a relatively small minority, so using a broader term swells their ranks and makes them seem more powerful and unified than they really are. But come on, a Chinaman has very little in common with a Pashtun or Dravidian. It's retarded! I still like using "Oriental" because it clearly denotes the slanty-eyed folk of the Far East (chinese, japanese, koreans, vietnamese, etc.) as opposed to Indians, Persians (who are NOT arabic), etc.

Anonymous said...

I simply call people by their name. ):-)

Anonymous said...


They don't care about you and they don't care what you call them. All they care about is making sure that the number of people who DO fall for this shit is larger than the number of people who have gotten wise to the game.

In fact, your article only gives them more ammo.

"Look at this big bad racist angry white guy who can't understand how hurtful a WORD can be."

I agree, fuck them and the language nazis.

But we all have to understand that this is all a numbers game.

Peregrine John said...

China is a country made from an ancient empire. It is the ancestral home of about 20 major ethnicities, who remain distinct enough to make tourism out of the contrasts. The word "Chinese", then, is a description midway between "Mongolian" (one ethnicity) and "Oriental" (a very broad phenotypical distinction of frequently-questioned usefulness).

In other words, not real useful. I've never come across anyone who insists on any one particular terminology or level of distinction who didn't have some well-programmed bulshittery attached to it.

Blaximus said...

I'm not easily offended. But when people purposelfully try to rile me up by being offensive and then smug and indifferent about it, I have never had a problem handling it.

I'm a firm believer in the premise that no one owes me anything except basic respect. I couldn't care less if you don't like me or what you think is proper.... just keep it to yourself.

But if you want to prove some kind of anti-PC tirade that you're on, and make yourself feel better by calling me something other than my name in protest, well... You may have an ass whipping headed your way.

I too am tired. I'm tired of hearing folks complaining that they can't make up names and then label others with it.

So I too am done.

Go Fuck Yourself also.

Watch the left hook, it's devastating.

Black Poison Soul said...

People with a victim mentality come off to me these days as full-retard.

Rex Little said...

I think your timeline is a little off, Cap. When I was growing up in the 1950's, "Negro" (always capitalized) was the polite term, but by the '80s it had fallen out of favor, probably because too many people corrupted it to "nigger."

"African-American" is indeed an atrocity for several reasons. However, there was an award-winning science fiction novel, published in 1968 but set right around now, in which the polite term for blacks (at least the American ones) was "Afram." Clearly it was meant as a contraction of "African-American", but that term wasn't in common use yet.

sth_txs said...

The word 'Hispanic' is crock of BS to.

The people's of Mexico and South America come from mix of Europeans, the original Indians there when Spaniard arrived, and even Japanese and blacks.

If you go check police stats, many a person with a Spanish surname is listed as 'white'.

Peregrine John said...

Know what's devastating? Logic is devastating. Like this teensy morsel: if someone uses a term that predated their grandparents, they didn't make it up.

Just a microscopic example, but enough to put a hitch in the rhetorical getalong. Might want to dodge that kind of thing, if you can.

Martel said...

90% of the reason we're supposed to say "African-American" is that it's so damn hard to say. Using seven syllables instead of one shows how much you "care".

But I've found that most blacks genuinely don't give a damn and refer to blacks as "black" and don't worry about it. The ones who care are the acedemics who depend on perpetuating racial grievance, and even they often shorten it to "Afro-American".

When speaking with one of these wonderful people, I say "black" and make sure I don't express the slightest bit of hesitancy or shame. They don't call me on it, probably because they can tell I want them to.

As a matter of fact, it tends to make them uncomfortable when I overtly refuse to acknowledge their ridiculous eggshells. Don't be scared of your beliefs, and your opponents will soon be afraid of theirs.

dance...dancetotheradio said...

Hey Blaximus,
Nobody Owes You Respect.
Respect is earned.
It's not an entitlement.
It's not a human right.
Oh, and way to open yourself up to the Knockout Game angle.
Who needs to stretch for a stereotype when you lay them at our feet.
Sticks and stones, Boyo, sticks and stones.

golden geese news said...

I think the Captain, and anyone who agreed with this post:

And if you want to see a stupid liberal get torn so shreds in a debate on this subject check this out.

Anonymous said...

The word "ritard" or "ritardando" (Italian) is used in music to indicate "slowing." To "retard" a throttle means to use it to slow an engine down. When did descriptive, accurate terms become impossible to use?

Like the word "handicapped" or "disabled." We're now supposed to say "differently abled." Fuck that. In golf, you use the term "handicap" to indicate you get an advantage to equalize your play with a better player for purposes of scoring. To "disable" something is to indicate that it no longer works.

I will stop using the terms Negro, colored, and black when whiners who insist on "African-American" successfully protest to change the names of the United Negro College Fund, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and 100 Black Men of America, Inc.

Sometimes you must call a spade a spade, or else call it a fucking shovel.

Anonymous said...

But Cappy... What about Chosen-Americans?

They suffered soooo much!

R7 Rocket said...

Then again, I a certifed Twinkie (yellow on the outside....).

I am also a Twinkie myself, but with some White splattered on the yellow outside (Eurasian). The progressive goons always try to find something to prove themselves that they are holier-than-thou.

Anonymous said...

Uh...I believe the new term is "Asiatic"

Anonymous said...

Time to enhance your education, you under-educated bleachy-haired honky bitches ... :-)

The Dead Milkmen -- "Taking Retards to the Zoo":

What, you say you're offended by a group that can produce such hamsterpieces^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H masterpieces as "Lesbian Eskimo Midget Left-Handed Ninja Albino"?

The Dead Milkmen --
"Lesbian Eskimo Midget Left-Handed Ninja Albino":


Anonymous said...

Your point that these words are an attempt to make society walk on eggshells, is excellent. These word police are trying to control us through guilt and fear. Thanks for a great article.

Anonymous said...

There will come a day when we aren't allowed to refer to Norwegians as fjord niggers anymore.
Mark my words....

Anonymous said...

I was attacked by a cow at work for using the word negro.
I told her to get back to me after she straightened out those folks at the United Negro College Fund.

She moo'd a bit more then wandered off.

BadOPCode said...

Seriously all these [pick letter]-bomb words is ridiculous. I'm so sick of these people just raping the English language. "Progressives" or "Leftist" that want oligarchies or despotism which are the oldest form of government.
"Liberals" that want the government to tell you what and when to do everything. "Conservatives" that want to spend beyond debt so we can have wars with no objectives; drug laws that doesn't make a scratch in drug usage; prostitution laws that has yet to ever work in history; increase prisons to house all the people that can't conform to their moral defined law system, in most cases permanently taking them off the books as ever will be a tax payer as their prison systems we pay billions for doesn't actually reform and felonies are life long there for the person is permanently unemployable.
This is yet the other form of crap abuse of the English language is all about maintaining victim status when there is no problem. If you change the vocabulary on everybody than you can go, "SEE! These people who still call human females as Women instead of Child Aperture Genitalia, so they are all sexists!"
Tired of this game. There is no real issue with racism or sexism. There is one or two individuals that are bigots in a ocean of people who don't care about any of these ism's.

Anonymous said...

Japan calls itself "the land of the rising sun" (it's even the basis for both the cool WWII flag and the modern 7-Up flag). Although it wouldn't surprise me to learn the schools don't bother teaching such practical knowledge any more, the fact remains you can't by definition get any more "oriental" than that.